Beauty Rave. Run to Snap Up the Last Of MAC's By Candlelight Skinfinish

InTheGroove-MineralizeSkinfinish-ByCandlelight-300 Argh! OK, listen up…if you are looking for the appearance of flawless skin, have I got the product for you! However, you must run out and get it now. Why? Because it's a limited-edition and will no longer be in stores come Friday. How unfair is that?

I noticed a friend of mine had the most amazing glow about her a couple of weeks ago. Her skin looked FLAWLESS. When I asked her what she was using she told me it was MAC Skinfinish in By Candlelight. No problem I thought, I'll run out and get some sometime. Come to find out, it's not part of the permanent collection. So I finally got my hands on a compact and guess what? This stuff is amazing. Get it? AMAZ-ING! You just brush some over your face (I use a little foundation first) and your skin looks flawless.

I found out it's sold out online so you have to get to a MAC counter pronto. In fact, I'm running out as soon as I'm done typing this to snap up whatever is left at my closest MAC counter. I'm not telling you which store that is for fear you may beat me to it.


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Now, if you love this product as much as I do, for THE LOVE OF GOD, bombard MAC with emails and calls begging them to keep this product in the permanent lineup! Women like me are counting on it! Why do cosmetic companies produce limited-editions of fabulous life-changing products, I'll never know. Maybe we can convince them otherwise! I think this is a worthwhile protest. I need your help.

– Lauren Dimet Waters

Update: I'm back from visitng two MAC counters and both were sold out! Argh!

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