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With continued uncertainty of economic stability – and an increasing rate of unemployment, a recent study conducted by an NPD Group, Inc. concluded that fewer women are utilizing makeup as parts of their daily primp routines. In a recent interview with WWD, Karen Grant, vice president and global beauty industry analyst at the NPD Group, revealed that makeup usage by women between the ages of 16-64 has declined by 5% in comparison to 2008. Although the results of the recent study did not reveal a direct impact from the recession, Grant did note that ""Potentially, with the increase in unemployment and resulting decline in the number of women going to work, more women did not have a need to wear makeup. The recession, and unemployment, may have exacerbated the trend, but we began to see declines in usage prior to the recession."

So what's really going on here? With an increase in au-natural skin care products and the evolution of 'organic' ingredients, more women are opting for choices that are not only easy on their wallets, more importantly; they (women) are educating themselves about the products that are right for them. A whopping 86% of makeup users make consistent purchases based on unique skin care benefits. After all, one size doesn't fit all in any realm of cosmetics. Grant offered, "For some women, with the emergence, acceptance and popularity of a more casual and natural look, makeup becomes more optional." The study also revealed that "an additional one million women, based on census projections, are wearing only one makeup product a day."


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We'd like to hear from you, beauties! Has the recession had an impact on your cosmetic purchases?

– Nicole L. Townsend

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