Beauty News. Nine West is Becoming a Fragrance

Which of these styles will Nine West's scent embody?

So it seems you don't have to be a celebrity to get in on the latest fragrance craze. The newest name to throw their hat in the scented ring is none other than shoe brand Nine West. The retailer just announced that it has signed a deal with the Jones Apparel Group to create a line of fragrances that will launch next fall in select department stores, specialty retailers and Nine West retail stores. So will the newest trend be matching our shoes to our scent? It just may be. "Like the perfect pair of shoes, a woman's fragrance is the sensual completion to her look by providing an inviting and intimate expression of her directly," says Richard Dickson, CEO of branded businesses at Jones Apparel Group.

Both Nine West and Jones Apparel are keeping mum on what the collection will smell like (hopefully not leather or suede), but have already made plans to sell their potions internationally as well. The retailer currently boasts sales in 59 countries across the world, including stylish hot spots like Paris, London, Tokyo and Toronto. And since the Nine West division already includes handbags and apparel in addition to their lofty footwear empire, it seemed only a matter of time until Nine West could be dabbed on your wrists as well. Let's just hope they're fragrance innovations are more, ahem, original than their shoe designs sometimes are. 


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Article Source: Stylelist

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-Alia Rajput

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