Beauty Giveaway! Beat Those Wrinkles Into Submission with Zeno Line Rewind


Last week I told you about the Zeno Line Rewind breakfast launch I attended (Zeno Line Rewind: Kelly Rutherford's Secret to Ageless Beauty) and now we have one to giveaway! I have to admit I have been using mine nightly since I got it and I am loving it!

Zeno Line Rewind is the first at-home beauty device that combines heat, vibration and red light to fight fine lines and wrinkles. It compares to a dermatologist red light treatment, but for a lot less and in the comfort of your own home. The device vibrates to stimulate collagen production, the red light helps prevent collagen from breaking down, and the heat opens pores and helps drive the serum to completion. Paired with the included Wrinkle Reduction Serum it safely and effectively fights the visible signs of aging. The result is radiant, luminous skin instantly and smoother, healthier, younger looking skin over time.

What do you have to do to win?


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Simply tell us in a comment to this post "Why you are dying to try Zeno Line Rewind." We will pick a winner on on Tuesday, April 5 at 5pm EST. Make sure to leave your email address so we can contact you should you win. We will then announce the winner on Twitter. So if you are not following us yet (and you should be), please do so at

Good luck!

Zeno Line Rewind, $39.99 (includes device, treatment and batteries)

– Lauren Dimet Waters

8 thoughts on “Beauty Giveaway! Beat Those Wrinkles Into Submission with Zeno Line Rewind”

  1. Why am I dying to try the Zeno Line Rewind – you said it in your title: To “Beat Those Wrinkles Into Submission.” Back you evil wrinkles– Back from whence you came!!!!

  2. I’m dying to try the Zeno Line Rewind cause I am 56 and refuse to keep looking at these wrinkles that have come with stress & age and would love to rewind the years back a bit! I take care of my skin, have to as I won’t be able to afford pricey treatments so if this can soften or even do away with some of these pesky little lines of life than I’m sold!
    Keeping my wrinkles and fingers crossed that I’m the winner!

  3. OMG, a must have! I am a self proclaimed cosmetic junkie back to my days as a DM at SFA in the 90’s. I feel the need to try the latest and greatest beauty products & I love to be the first to hear about the secret remedies so I can spread the word to my clients. I do Glycolic peels and wish I could afford to bathe in Creme de la Mer but need to combat the wrinkles that are emerging in my 40’s. Can’t wait, please!

  4. I definitely need this! i have such a topsy turvy schedule sometimes, that I don’t let my skin ‘recover’ from all that I put through it: Sun, Pollution, Sleeplessness. Not to mention I dont always get to pamper it.. ex: I ran out of night moisturizer and havent replaced it 🙁 I’m in my late twenties and I can’t believe I have fine lines, slightly around the eyes and more so on my forehead what the heck. NEEED help!


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