Beauty Discovery: The BEST Eyecream I Have Ever Used? AMOREPACIFIC Time Response Eye Renewal Creme


I have been using eye cream religiously every night since I was 20 years old. I’m not exactly sure why, because it’s not like I took very good care of my skin back then. To say I worshiped the sun, is an understatement. I didn’t have a lot to spend, but I made sure to get something thick and creamy at the drugstore. As I got older my investment in said eye creams increased. Looking back, it’s probably one of the smartest things I have ever done. In fact, I tell every teenage girl I meet when asked, to use eye cream by the time she’s 20. It’s the best beauty advice I can give. That said, I am always on the hunt for the best eye cream money can buy.
So, when my friend Felicia Walker Benson, Bergdorf Goodman’s beauty editor, sent me a little gift bag filled with some of her favorite products I had no idea the best eye cream I have ever tried would be in there. And for that I owe her my gratitude. So what was this amazing eye cream? AMOREPACIFIC Time Response Eye Renewal Creme. Now there is also a face cream and serum in the Time Response collection, but I can only speak about the eye cream. However, I would venture to guess the other two products are amazing too.
Time Response is the first skincare collection of its kind with a clinically-proven, targeted approach to reversing and protecting against all signs of skin aging with proprietary Asian botanicals (Green Tea Stem Cells, Saponin and ECGC), exclusive to AMOREPACIFIC, that stimulate essential genetic functioning for optimal skin health. In essence, it claims to reverse aging on a genetic level.
Time Response Skin Renewal Eye Creme improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, darkness and puffiness in the delicate eye area. In addition to providing comprehensive anti-aging advantages, this restorative eye treatment contains three times more ginger and six times more Matsutake mushroom than the face creme or serum, increasing the skin’s temperature and circulation to help reduce dark circles and puffiness.
So what are the benefits? It restores collagen production to correct fine lines, wrinkles and improves firmness. It also improves circulation to diminish dark circles and puffiness. Additionally the eye cream deeply hydrates and controls moisture levels in deep layers of the skin promoting a smoother, more supple appearance almost immediately and increases skin’s own anti-oxidant production to prevent future aging. Better still, the eye cream is paraben free and has a unique 24-hour time release formula that stimulates skin functions from morning to night.
I have to say that I have never tried an eye cream that has actually done exactly what it claims to do so effectively and so quickly. The cream is thick, yet easy to apply so you don’t tug at the fragile skin around your eyes. However, as soon as you apply it, you know it’s good. Really good. So good that you might find yourself scraping out every last bit from the jar and crying when it’s empty. I have not only seen a visible difference in the fine lines around my eyes, I have seen a visible difference in some of the deeper lines as well. My skin is more supple and hydrated. I really couldn’t be happier with a product. Well maybe if it were a little cheaper. But, hey…I’m worth it. So are you.
AMOREPACIFIC ‘Time Response’ Eye Renewal Creme, $260
– Lauren Dimet Waters

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