Beauty Chat with Sam + Nic Chapman of Pixiwoo about Real Techniques

Nic-and-Sam-Chapman-Pixiwoo Sam + Nic Chapman, the vloggers behind the UK’s #1 YouTube beauty chanel Pixiwoo were in Chicago last Thursday. We had the chance to meet them at a cocktail reception at the Virgin Hotel. Take a look at any of their videos on and you’ll see why the two adorable sisters are quite a hit. They are entertaining as well as a wealth of information, when it comes to beauty! It’s fun to watch how they master makeup with brushes in their videos. You can put on makeup like a pro, too, with their very affordable Real Techniques beauty brushes.
Real Techniques by Sam + Nic Bold Metals Collection
We enjoyed a glass of wine, and asked Sam + Nic a ton of questions, which they enthusiastically answered. Here are some of our most pressing beauty questions. Why is it better to use brushes than fingertips? When you use brushes you actually work makeup into the skin for better coverage. Use a crosshatching technique to blend your makeup, as well as keep it in place. Brushes allow you to layer and you can use different brushes for different effects. What is the best way to conceal under eye circles, especially for aging skin? Nic told us to use 2 concealers. First use a lighter and more moisturizing or watery concealer and layer with a heavier one with more coverage. Use the Deluxe Crease Brush, and don’t forget to cover the darkness on the inside corners your eyes. What about primers? Do we need to use them? Sam said when they came out with primers she thought, “Is this just another thing to put on?” But she said primers are not always necessary, but are very useful in many cases when layering makeup. Recently she picked up a lot of makeup at the Tom Ford Beauty counter, including his primer, which she is in love with. We love luxury makeup, too, but is it really better? Not necessarily! Lower priced brands may have excellent quality and pigments, too, but if you find something in a luxury product that you love, because of a special color or even the beautiful packaging, and if it makes you feel good or empowered, that is what is important. Do we need an eyeshadow primer or base? Unless you have really oily eyelids, probably not. The sisters told us everyone is different, so there is never one answer when it comes to beauty. Their tip is to use a cream eyeshadows instead of a primer.
Sam + Nic’s Top 3 Brushes
If you could only choose 3 brushes, which ones would they be? 1. Real Techniques Foundation Brush. It is most important to start every look with a flawless base. 2. Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush. This works for both under eye concealers and eyeshadows. 3. Real Tehniques Bold Metals 100 Arched Powder Brush. Us this brush to finish your look with pressed or loose powders.
Carol Calacci, Nic Chapman, Sam Chapman and Jasmine Dunn, Second City Style Intern.
Left to right: Carol Calacci, Nic Chapman, Sam Chapman and Second City Style Intern Jasmine Dunn.
Shop for Real Techniques by Sam + Nic Chapman at Ulta Beauty and Kohl’s. – Carol Calacci Photos: Second City Style

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