Beauty Beat. Simple Makeup Solutions for Face Redness


Bobbi brown Is your face constantly flushed? Are you tired of looking red in the face? If your face is constantly red and blotchy it may be just more than the sun or wind causing it. Foods and drinks like alcohol and caffeine are also factors in causing million of women to have facial redness, or Rosacea.
However don't fret, there are quick tricks and ways to calm and tone down the condition. 
Bobbi To disguise redness, match your natural skin tone with a stick foundation or cream foundation, like Bobbi Brown Stick Foundation and Creamy Concealer, that has a yellow base, which cancels out red pigment. The thicker the texture of the foundation the better it conceals the redness. 

For the finishing touch, top with a dusting of a loose, yellow-based face powder like, Clinique's Redness Solutions Instant Relief  Mineral Powder or T. LeClerc Loose Powder in Banane.        
For added enhancement, to balance and brighten, swap your blush for a powder bronzer. You don't want accntuate the overly rosy glow with your typical pink blush. Golden and coppyer hues tone down the flushing. The best areas to apply are your chin, cheekbones, and the bride of your nose. 

Try these simple solutions for a more radiant and balanced complexion!
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Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer, $22.00

Clinique Rendess Solutions Instant Relief Mineral Powder, $32.50


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T. LeClerc Loose Powder, $50.00

– Kelley Epps-Woods, Beauty Writer

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