Beauty Beat: Kiehl's Rosa Arctica Lightweight Cream and Rosa Arctica Eye

Coming to Kiehl’s stores and in September, are two products that were inspired by the insatiable customer demand for Rosa Arctica Youth Regenerating Cream, introduced in March, 2011 which we covered here (I personally use is as a neck cream since it is so thick!). Rosa Arctica Lightweight Cream and Rosa Arctica Eye are like the classic Rosa Arctica, but in different formulations. Both new products harnesses the power of the rare Resurrection Flower, Haberlea rhodopensis, to “wake up” skin cells to trigger the physiological reactions resulting in healthier, regenerated, and more youthful skin.
Haberlea rhodopensis is a unique biological wonder that can dry out completely and survive periods of dryness during unfavorable conditions for up to 31 months as an environmental survival strategy.  Then, when the optimal growth conditions arise, the plant resumes normal growth within hours, with only a few drops of moisture, and is restored in one to two days.
Rosa Arctica Lightweight, $60, features the same benefits of Rosa Arctica Youth Regenerating Cream, in a lighter texture for those with normal to oily skin, or those who simply prefer a lighter texture. I am using now as a night cream since it is still hot out and I prefer a lighter moisturizer.
Rosa Arctica Eye, $44, is a unique balm formulation that helps provide instant visible results—thanks to mineral brighteners—instant hydration, and revitalizes the appearance of skin in the eye area over time, smoothing crow’s feet and lifting the eye contour area. I am absolutely loving this eye cream! It’s more like a thick balm. The thicker the better in my opinion!
Each formula brings a unique revitalizing property to the skin, offers intense hydration, and helps to minimize the appearance of lines, increase firmness and elasticity, and smooth the overall texture of skin.
Thankfully September is just days away!
– Lauren Dimet Waters
Disclosure: Samples provided for review.

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