Beauty: 6 Essentials For The Best At-Home Pedicure

As a mother to a toddler who also works and runs a business, finding time for a bi-weekly pedicure is easier said than done. It had been weeks since my last pedi, and was on top of my to-do list. Heaven forbid, I almost resorted to doing  my own. However, a glorious free day arrived, and I headed to the salon. Whether it’s to save money, or just you can’t make your salon visits, you can create pedi bliss right at home with just a few essentials. Here’s what you will need.
First, you want the most essential item for your home pedicure, which is a Foot Spa. You don’t have to have an ultra fancy foot spa, and can get a very affordable one like Dr. Scholl’s Soothing Rolling Massage Foot Spa. Not only is it great for at home pedicures, but it’s perfect for anytime you just need to unwind and soak your feet.
Next, you will need a great foot soak for your bath, that will soothe, soften and revitalize your feet. At my last salon visit I fell in love with a ‘blue’ foot soak they used and remembered how soft my feet were afterward. I sought out for a foot soak that would help me create the same wonderful experience from the salon.  Then I stumbled upon Bath and Body Works True Blue Spa Chamomile and Lavender Effervescent Foot Soak, and let me tell you it’s like champagne for your feet. Infused with rose & orange peel extract, moisturizing aloe, calming chamomile and lavender, it’s the ultimate treatment for your feet.
After your realxing soak, it’s time to buff and exfoliate. If you need a heavy duty tool that will take off everything and rejuvenate your feet, Revlon’s new Pedi-Expert is just for you. No bigger than a bar of soap, this callus shaver, pumice stone, hands-free foot smoother, and flexi-buff foot file, is an all-in-one tool that will make your pedicure experience so much easier. It even comes with a nail clipper and file as an added bonus. If you are in a rush for time, this is all you need before the final steps.
If you are one that likes to take your pedicure a step further, try H20’s Plus Pumice Foot Scrub. This non-oily anti-aging scrub helps soften the feet and is perfect for areas like the top of the foot, ankle and lower leg, where your other tools may not work. And if you want to skip the tools and just want an overall scrub after you soak your feet, this does the job of removing calluses, dead skin and makes your feet perfectly soft to the touch.
After you have soaked, scrubbed, buffed, and filed, you are finally ready to moisturize. At this point it is critical that you use a very emollient, conditioning foot cream that will lock in moisture and keep your feet silk soft. I recommend L’OCCITANE’s Shea Butter Foot Cream. With soothing lavender essential oil and shea butter, this cream will not disappoint!
To top off your freshly moisturized feet, you need something to hold in moisture even longer and keep your feet soft all night. What better way than with AirPlus Aloe Infused Socks? Yes, that’s right — I discovered these gems over a year ago, and gave them away to all the women in my family for Christmas because I loved them that much. Infused with vitamin E and aloe, these are by far the most soothing, soft and comfortable socks I have ever worn. For under $5 a pair, you cannot go wrong with these!
1. Dr. Scholl’s Soothing Rolling Massage Foot Spa, $24.99
2. True Blue Spa Effervescent Foot Soak – Footloose and Fancy Fizz, $15
3. Revlon Pedi-Expert Pedicure Kit, $8.99
4. H2O Plus Pumice Foot Scrub, $15
5. L’OCCITANE Shea Butter Foot Cream, $26
6. Airplus Women’s Aloe Infused Socks, $3.99
—Kelly Epps-Woods
Image Layout: Amy Newling

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