Bad Judgement Du Jour. A Trend That's Too Hands On.

Hussein Chalayan Spring '10; Delfina Delettrez Hand Bracelet

One of the most curious trends showing up on high end apparel and accessories these days does not an ovation—or shall we say, a hand. This bizarre fixation with assigning anatomy to clothes is seemingly trying to create a sort of avant-garde statment, but only comes off appearing freaky and vaudvillian. The Hussein Chalayan blouse (top left) from his Spring '10 collection displays a sort of illusion in which the wearer appears to be either subjected to a mugging from behind, or some phantom mother desperately trying to cover up the goodies. The Delfina Delettrez bracelet, when encircled around one's wrist, also seemingly invokes the feeling of being held onto at all times. Who wants to feel like they're being manhandled all the time??

And if the feeling of actual fingers wrapped around you wasn't bad enough, try walking out your front door with the silhouetted image of two mitts covering your breasts or grabbing your love handles to make you feel like you can conquer the day. Am I the only one who thinks thats too weird?? The other pieces below are more forgivable, the RosenMunns and the Bejamin Cho, since they look like actual art installations (as opposed to pieces meant to be worn in public.) But outside of the modern art wing, I just hope these digit-happy pieces start waving good-bye to the fashion world soon because to me, it's all just fingers and thumbs.


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Above, from left: RosenMunns Pants; A.Y. Not Dead Hand Print Tee Spring '10.

Above, from left: French Connection Hands Up Dress; Benjamin Cho Fall '08 dress.

Photo Source: Refinery 29
-Alia Rajput

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