Bad Judgement Du Jour. Following the Nipple Craze.

The Offenders, from left: Christina Ricci, Victoria Beckham, and Megan Fox

The average lifespan of an odd trend usually begins on a runway, trickles down through celebrities, and eventually settles into the masses where it will either thrive  or quickly be extinguished. The newest 'It' factor that's taking the fashion world by storm is one that will hopefully be "nipped" in the bud before it even makes the trip down to us average consumers. The nipple has been making headlines for a few months now, having flaunted themselves down the runways of the London spring 2009 shows through sheer, editorial tops. We can understand the use of toplessness for an artful effect but that alone is where the nips should have been tucked back in. This was, sadly, not the case when several celebrities jumped onto the bandwagon in a Gloria Steinem-esque frenzy to burn their bras and make use of their god-given right to freeboob. Victoria Beckham has even been hailed as a "nipple role model", fit to mold an new era of indecent exposure. Needless to say,all this hype this new development makes for plenty an awkward picture that reveals a classic, although admittingly rare, case of celebrity TMI.

With the nipple-happy trend arguably having already gone too far, we're just praying that it stays behind velvet rope of the famous-only club. Yet alarming statistics are, pardon the term, popping up that show people may be starting to take their nipples a lot more seriously. According to the Daily Mail, London's Harley Medical Group has seen a 30 percent boost in nipple surgery over the last twelve months. Yes, it does exist. These procedures, that include nipple lifts to push them up and out, surgery to reshape asymmetrical nipples, and the correction of inverted nipples, are often performed on mastectomy patients, but an increasing number of women are getting them for purely cosmetic reasons. Can you imagine depleting your savings for nipple surgery?!! For a less committed option, more and more people are running out to buy Samamtha-esque fake nipples for a quick fix on the go., a website devoted to prosthetic nipples, has seen a "significant increase" in sales over the past year.


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New York Magazine touched on the topic by questioning the nipple as the hottest accessory for 2009, then asked more appropriately if the ladies in the panel above just needed "a once-over with a hair dryer and a lesson in decency." Um, yeah. That one sounds right.

Article and Photo Source: newyorkmag

-Alia Rajput

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