Bad Hair Day Solution: Gina Made It Headbands

It happens to the best of us. A bad hair day. You never know when you’re going to have one, but they do indeed occur and usually at the worst times. I typically don’t like to wear hair accessories, but my hair is naturally curly and some days the mane must be tamed. I have found headbands can be just what the doctor ordered. “Gina Made It” headbands were launched by Parsons graduate Regina (Gina) Von Schack in April 2010. “As a curly haired girl, I always kept an eye out for comfortable, chic headbands to help with those unruly hair days,” says Gina, “My line began after years of creating decorative party headbands for birthday girls and brides-to-be.”
Gina founded the company after her younger sister, Mimi, popularized the handmade headbands by wearing them to school. Mimi’s reply “Gina made it” when asked where she got the beautiful headbands gave birth to “Gina Made It,” the company. Gina takes pride in the varied clientele her headbands aim to satisfy. According to her, “Gina Made It headbands offer styles for every girl and every occasion! They are pretty and practical for the busy mom; comfortable and durable for the sporty gal; classic and tailored for the working girl; knotted and nautical for the water baby.”
Conceived and produced completely in the United States, “Gina Made It” headbands are handcrafted by a worker-owned factory in North Carolina. Available in glitter, gingham, velvet, dots and stripes, the headbands are the perfect solution for bad hair days, any time, anywhere.
– Lauren Dimet Waters

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