Ask the Bean: Going Flat

Ask the Bean: Going Flat

Ask the Bean: Going Flat

Fri, 2006-10-27 09:00

Dear Bean,

My feet are killing me! I love my flats but so many either are so stiff they give me blisters or resemble a pair of house slippers. I live in the city and walk a lot downtown, and I want to be comfortable yet I don’t want to wear sneakers. What would be a good sturdy flat that would look good with both work attire and jeans?


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Dear Flattened,

It is definitely a dilemma when shopping for shoes because comfort is usually the last thing on our minds. However, there are times when we must be realistic and practical with our footwear — our feet deserve a break every now and again, do they not? And for flats, you’ve picked the perfect time to think of comfort. Flats are absolutely everywhere, and in so many fun styles it isn’t hard to find a cute pair, or several. And finding cute flats that are fashionable and comfortable isn’t that far of a stretch either.

If you’re looking for the classic of comfort, Aerosoles shoes are the safest investment. And yes, their styles have been anything but cute in the past, but lately they’ve kicked up their look and admittedly have some cute options available for the walking woman.

And who knows comfort better than Dr. Scholl? The maker of the “gel-in’â€? comfort shoe inserts has his own line of footwear for us and our feet to enjoy. Hush Puppies is another brand known for their easy walking style, and this Rockport loafer provides a good option for the work-day.

For casual-ware, the more sporty slides and flats can make the outfit weekend-friendly without donning the clunky tennis shoe. One of the more chic slides I have come across is this pair by J. Quartz. And just for your walking pleasure, the shoes have arch support! The Born shoe is also a hip accessory to the casual look. And just for fun, I came across this adorable version of the moccasin by Bolo in the “Comfort� section of

Here are some suggestions to start off the comfort area in your shoe selection. Instead of wearing your gym shoes on your commute to work with your trendy heels stashed in your handbag, you can lighten the load and wear a pair of savvy flats instead. Now you can be comfortable and have bag-room for that extra tube of lip gloss.

Aerosoles Mindy

Dr. Scholl’s Boa

Rockport Helsinki

J. Quartz Black/White Slip-On

Born Arison Flat

Bolo Opal

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