Anna Wintour "Thrilled" With Her 60 Minute Roast

Anna Wintour

It's always a good idea to have thick skin in the fashion biz, and no one seems to manifest that better than the alleged Queen of Mean, Vogue's chief editor Anna Wintour. Not only does she mind her public reputation as an uppity, anal-retentive editor from hell, she probably kind of enjoys it.

These abilities were out to the test during Anna's recent interview with 60 Minutes personality Morley Safer. Known for his blunt honesty, Safer left no stone unturned in his attempts to dish the dirt on Wintour, sometimes making cutting remarks about her and her entourage. He likened Karl Lagerfied to Count Dracula, claimed John Galliano was in serious need of new tailor, and told the editor matter-of-factly that people do in fact call her a bitch. What was the response of the typically frosty fashionista? She loved it!


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Editor at large of Vogue and friend to Wintour, Andre Leon Talley remarked that Anna was just thrilled to be featured on the show in the first place."It's 60 Minutes — she was on the same show as Secretary Gates. It was fabulous," he explained. Though Talley said he did think some of Safer's remarks were "a bit dismissive," he claimed that the Vogue editor in chief had a wonderful time on the show overall and would do it again in a heartbeat.

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—Alia Rajput

2 thoughts on “Anna Wintour "Thrilled" With Her 60 Minute Roast”

  1. It really kills me that Morley Shafer commented that Galliano was in serious need of a tailor. Shafer is just about the worst dresser I have seen…

  2. Morley Safer, not Shafer. And I thought he was shamefully condescending. People who do not work in fashion, and who clearly have no interest in it, should not offer their opinions on it. Fashion is fun. Safer is not.


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