Anchors Away

Anchors Away

Anchors Away

Mon, 2000-04-10 06:00

Alia Rajput

The warm breezes of spring are in the air, and with that comes the promise of all the fun outdoor activities we’ve all been dying to get back to. With the season gently nudging us back to the sand and surf, one of the cutest trends to get on board with is nautical-inspired looks. Whether a seasoned sailor or a navigating novice, you can deftly play the part of being one with the sea in these crisp, and polished pieces.


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The first thing one thinks of when conjuring seafaring fashion is stripes, specifically the aptly named combo of “navy” and white. For a fun, updated spin on the traditional color combination, try a piece with fun and whimsical accents. D&G paired their sparkly stripes with an oversized rosette and sailboat graphic, providing a playful punch to the traditional style. To create, a more versatile statement for day, Thread Social‘s boasts the same classic colors with their flirty, boat necked minidress that comes complete with a floppy, one shoulder bow.

Shipmen sure love their buttons. After helping to transform the navy peacoat from standard-issue uniform to stylish outerwear staple, it seems the nautical world knows a thing or two on the best ways to button up. Perhaps that’s why the maritime men of the past chose a high-waisted, button-up pant when working long hours on the sea. Perhaps they provided protection from the chilly waters back in the days of yore, but today, there’s no question that high-waisted pants with the signature over-sized buttons create a perfect vintage sailor statement. Jean-Paul Gaultier paid tribute his own way with pinstripes, fur and a traditional sailors cap. If you’re not ready to set sail on the trend to that extreme, choose a version more appropriate for summer. Gryphon‘s denim shorts offer the same high-waisted fit with a little splash of fancy in the domed buttons and pleated front flap.

If there was ever an icon to symbolize the life of a sailor, it has to be Popeye. The squinty-eyed, spinach-loving sailorman that would go to any extreme for his beloved Olive Oyl always painted a hilariously entertaining picture of what life was like on the sea. Whether that picture was at all accurate was up for question, but one thing was for sure: Popeye helped the original sailor suit rise to stardom. The classic suit featuring a kerchief draped around the neck and tied in front has been retooled as a stylish staple for decades. Chanel‘s kerchief blouse from the last Resort collection served as a fitting homage to the man with the anchor tattoos. Another “suit”-able style comes compliments of Sonia by Sonia Rykiel, who uses the same black and creams to create an elegant sweater with the same signature tie.

The naval life holds little time for frivolities. Many values associated with aquatics include hard work and an appreciation for the simple things in life. Perhaps that’s why so many sea-loving fashions come in neutral colors and basic combinations, to reflect that minimalist aesthetic. But here on dry land, we’re allowed to shake things up a bit. So do just that with a bright and unexpected pop of color when donning oceanic outfits. The most surefire way to make splash with color is in accessories, such as shoes or handbags. D&G did it right with their cross-body fire engine red bag, a perfect complement to the classic navy and white. Bright red is surprisingly versatile with just about any neutral combo, and adds dimension to any ensemble that may border on boring. See by Chloe‘s slouchy drawstring bag will hold all your on-the-go essentials statement and look fab when slung over a stripey shoulder. Add it to your cargo of chic, nautical-inspired looks and get ready to set sail this spring on a serious style adventure!

1. Striped Dress

Runway: D&G Spring 2009 RTW 
Realway: Thread Social Boat Neck Striped Dress with Bow $294

2. High-waisted Sailor Pants/Shorts

Runway: Jean-Paul Gaultier Fall 2009 Couture 
Realway: Gryphon Sailor Shorts $240

3. Tie-front Dress

Runway: Chanel Resort 2010 
Realway: Sonia by Sonia Rykiel Nautical Sweater Dress $250

4. Red Cross-body Bag

Runway: D&G Spring 2009 RTW 
Realway: See by Chloe Slouchy Drawstring Crossbody Bag $435

Runway Photos: NYMag
Image Layout: Tiffany Carlin

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