Alexander Vreeland Visits Neiman Marcus Chicago To Launch Diana Vreeland Parfums

Alexander Vreeland, grandson of Diana Vreeland, was at Neiman Marcus on Michigan Avenue last week for the launch of the fragrance collection in her honor. A luncheon was held at the store where I had the pleasure to ameet Alexander Vreeland, sample the five fragrances in the collection and hear some facinating stories about his grandmother.
Diana Vreeland, editor at Harper’s Bazaar (1936–1962) and and Vogue (1963-1971)  loved color, roses and fragrance. Alexander said she used to inject fragrance with a needle and syringe into her cushions. He remembered always getting hit with fragrance when he entered her rooms. Fashion editors were not followed around like Anna Wintour is today, so she had privacy, and he said she was able to go away on vacations for 10 days and get away from her work. She always dispensed great advice and when he first began working she advised him to concentrate on work and family. Alexander was close to his grandmother and saw her frequesntly in her final few years when she basically stayed in. She was larger than life even to the end. She would hold dinner parties and talk to guests – from a phone in her room! She did not really want guests to see her but she still wanted people to be entertained, and she wanted to be part of the party!
Alexander Vreeland Lunch
Diana Vreeland Parfums are lush, intense, complex and beautiful! We sampled the fragrances and I could not decide which one I liked best. My favorites are Simply Divine, Outrageously Vibrant and especially Extravagense Russ. You will probably like more than one scent as well. The gemstone colored bottles are gorgeous make beautiful gifts. I can just hear Diana Vreeland saying the names of the fragrances. This collection is a celebration of her life and a way for her legend to live on.
Visit Neiman Marcus on Michigan Avenue to experience Diana Vreeland Parfums.
Available online at Neiman Marcus.
– Carol Calacci
Photos: Second City Style

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