Akris Fall Presentation At Neiman Marcus Chicago With LaPrairie

Akris Fall 2014 Models, Neiman Marcus
Neiman Marcus Michgan Avenue held a special event with a presentation of the Akris Fall Collection on Tuesday evening. Guests enjoyed music, cocktails, light bites, informal modeling and the opportunity to try the amazing and super moisturizing LaPrairie Platinum Rare skincare. It was an all fine things from Switzerland evening!
La Prairie Platinum Rare
I was familiar with the clean architectural lines and gorgeous fabrics of Akris but now I really appreciate the collection. Albert Kriemler has spearheaded the fashion design at Akris for over 30 years. He is the grandson of Alice Kriemler-Schoch, who founded Akris in 1922. (The name Akris is formed from her initials.) Albert’s love of architecture, art and photography are evident in the collection. Fabrics and continual innovation play a crucial role at Akris.
Akris LED gown Fall 2014
This beautiful gown actually has LED lights. Talk about a wonderful way to light up the room!
Akris square stone embellished dress
I was transfixed on this square stone embellished dress. The dress has a photographer’s screen print behind it and “pixel stones” as Albert likes to call them, are placed strategically over the print.
aAkris Horsehair Handbag
Akris launched accessories 5 years ago and the handbags are practical and covetable. The use of extremely rare horsehair has become a sort of trademark of Akris bags. Horses tails are trimmed and the hair is woven with a loom in a process that dates back to 1872. This woven pattern you see on the handbag above is horsehair. The process is eco-friendly and they use vegetable dyes on the bags as well.
Akris Bags
Many of the handbags have a classic rectangular tote shape that also fold down to trapezoid shapes. You will never see a logo on these clean bags, but the strap and buckle form an “A” for Akris.
Akris Photo Print Thomas Ruff
A night scene photo screen print by photographer Thomas Ruff was used in the fall 2014 collection. You really must touch these fabrics and try the pieces on to see their magnificent drape. The dresses were extraordinary but even their pants and tops fit beautifully.
Shop Akris and LaPrairie at Neiman Marcus.
Neiman Marcus Michigan Avenue  |  737 N. Michigan Avenue  | Chicago
– Carol Calacci
Photos: Second City Style

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