A Very Spooky Halloween Gift Guide

I adore Halloween! I love the autumn smells, the candy, kids in costumes, the spookiness…the pumpkins! In fact, it may just be my favorite holiday. It is a holiday isn’t it? Oh, who cares? I was inspired to do some Halloween hunting. After all,  it’s a great excuse to get a little something for those you love, want dead or want yourself.
1. 360 SWEATER Camo Skull Cashmere Sweater, $345
2. Feel it in your Bones Diamond Necklace by La Soula, $1,600
3. Monserat De Lucca Skull Bracelet, $150
4. Huckleberry X WhatYouSteal Tombstone Jewelry, $300 – $900 (This is my absolute favorite!)
5. Vivienne Westwood Skeleton Long Necklace, $205
6. EM JOHN Halloween Skull Bracelet, $14
7. Alexander McQueen Skull-Print Silk Chiffon Scarf, Black/Ivory, $295
8. Pepette Sugar Skull Scarf in Powder Blue, $57
9. Nashelle Disc Identity Bracelet, $93
10. TOMS Beaumont Skull Grosgrain Slip-On, $85
11. AMEDEO Hand-Carved Skull Cameo Necklace, $990
12. Alexander McQueen Skull Claw Double Bracelet, Black/Gold, $745
– Lauren Dimet Waters
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