The Things We Are Loving Today

Malabar Chicago Grand Opening November 2

10.27.06 Malabar Chicago Grand Opening This Wednesday. Yes, we do need another boutique!

Beauty Update. That's Why The Lady Is a Vamp. Second City Style Fashion & Beauty Blog

OK, so I am over the black nail polish thing. I vividly remember when Chanel #18 Vamp was released in 1994. Now, black polish is all the rage. I tried black and I want to go back. I’m a purist. Black is too goth for me. I want Vamp again, but good luck trying to …

Bling Blog. Elizabeth Cole Multiple Gold Chain Necklace. Second City Style Fashion & Bling Blog

If bling is your thing then this necklace is for you! Multiple chains hand from  two-rings in 24 karat gold plate by Elizabeth Cole. With a white button-down blouse, I can’t imagine anything finer. Elizabeth Cole – Lauren Dimet

Bargain Alert! Le Train Bleu 30% Off! Second City Style Fashion Blog

One of my favorite online stores, Le Train Bleu, is having a 30% off moving sale! Bi La Li, Mint, Erotokritos, Veena and so many more designers are whose items are impeccably chosen are yours for the taking. Just until the end of the month though. Just use the code "moving" at checkout. Le Train …

Project Runway. Total Shocker Sebelia Snags It! Second City Style Fashion Blog

Photo by: M. Sharkey I can’t wait until Monday to see what Rich at FourFour has to say. I for one was totally shocked that Jeffrey Sebelia won. Not that he didn’t deserve to, but that the judges picked him. Just when I had written off Project Runway after this season three of too much …