22nd Annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. Bad Fashion Playground. Second City Style Fashion Blog

OK, we know this is just too easy, but it had to be done. Clearly the rock n’ roll fashion of choice is still all black all the time. Here are some favorites from last night’s event.


Inductee Patti Smith scraggly in menswear. Yes, menswear is in, but not like this. Don’t try this at home. Obviously she has no clue or could care less because she did not shy away from the camera. She was everywhere.


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Now don’t confuse her with…


John McEnroe‘s wife, Patty Smythe who was dressed infinitely better.

Now for something totally frightening…


Patti Smith again, with Keith Richards!


Keith Richards (impersonator?) with Slash of Velvet Revolver


The Scary Beehive Award goes to Sammy Hagar‘s wife, Kari Karte. Animal prints galore…meow.


Class act, Kid Rock in a Hooker t-shirt. Thumbs up!


At least Michael Stipe of R.E.M tried something different. Here is is with Pearl Jam’s, Eddie Vedder.

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6 thoughts on “22nd Annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. Bad Fashion Playground. Second City Style Fashion Blog”

  1. Oh, c’mon. Patti’s iconic. She’s been doing that for the past 35 years. It’s her.
    But, boy Keef is only about 5-6 years older than she is, and he looks 80. Brrr.

  2. Patti has great personal style and she looks fabulous. Intelligent, artistic people use fashion, as she does, to express an inner self. Fashion is not for the brain dead. Patty Smythe is just boring, NOT fashionable.

  3. Woah, this thread is old.
    Patti has more fashion sense in her pinky finger then you do. When she came along tons of people copied her style. She was 60’s cool, artistic and brilliant even when she was dirt poor. She is SO not boring as a person, has done more in her time then you’ll probably ever do. Poet, singer, artist, activist, mother and an American Icon. You should be ashamed of your self for your stupidity. Hey it’s your opinion, but if you say stupid things be prepared to be challenged.

  4. Hi Angry Darnelle,
    First of all this is a very old post. Secondly, we are only judging her fashion in that picture at that event. Yes, agreed, Patti is very talented and influential and at one time was a fashion power to be copied. Not here. You are right, it is our opinion. You don’t need to insult us. You should be ashamed of yourself!


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