12 Days of Christmas (Shopping) ’11: Joseph's List of Five Golden Rings

In my house, we celebrate each of the twelve days of Christmas and the biggest and best gifts arrive on the very last day, January 6, the Feast of the Three Kings. In my parents’ time, they would polish their shoes the night before, leaving them outside their bedroom doors and awaking in the morning to find them filled with candies and, if they were lucky, coins. I grew up with tales of the Magi and their gifts and have received many a golden gift on January 6.
The other “golden” day of the season is the fifth day of Christmas. I may mix up whether it’s supposed to be nine ladies dancing or lords a leaping, but somehow I never forget exactly how many golden rings there are supposed to be. This season, consider giving yourself or someone else you love one of the five golden rings that have me obsessed.

Bvlgari Jewelry – Parentisi – 18 Ct Yellow Gold Ring, $1487
My favorite all gold statement ring of the season is the Bulgari one from the Parentisi collection. The smooth, high polish design is the perfect accent to any outfit.

Pure Dead Brilliant “London” Etched Sides and Globe Gold Ring, $170
If you want to make a statement without committing to a particular colored stone, consider the Globe ring from Pure Dead Brilliant’s London Collection. The high polish sphere contrasts beautifully with the etched sides and will be the perfect index finger ring.

Torrini Mood Chiselled 18k Yellow Gold Ring, $959
Have you been looking for a multi-finger ring but find yourself overwhelmed with the options out there? One of the best I’ve seen is called Mood by Torrini and features a simple fluid line that crosses two fingers. If you think multi-finger rings are strictly for fashion street gangs, let me persuade you otherwise.

Zariin “Petal On My Finger” Gold Ring, $120
There are a number of ultra-feminine options, including the Petal on My Finger by Zariin. The ring encircles two fingers but the swoop on one side covers three or more. The organic design and mix of finishes will have everyone you encounter utterly enthralled.

14k Gold Ring, Mesh Band, now $439.20
Finally, for those of you who really appreciate the fine workmanship of a Bottega Veneta woven handbag, consider the humble cigar band ring executed in fine gold mesh. This flexible ring will move with you, whether you’re hailing a taxi or firing off an important Tweet.
Personally, I have always held true to the maxim that you should keep your wealth portable. Gold is a universal form of currency and certainly the easiest to transport. After all, who knows when you may find yourself in a barter economy – either here or on some exotic journey to a foreign land?
—Joseph Ungoco, Second City Style Columnist: Male Box

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