10 'Anything But Boring' One-Piece Bathing Suits For Under $100

You know that day you realize you can no longer rock a bikini because you are either A) too old B) had a few kids and the 6 pack abs are now a carton of milk C) still trying to rectify the damage you did over the long winter? Well, sadly that day is here for me and it’s totally depressing. Even more depressing are one-piece bathing suits. Especially when they are basically the equivalent of “mom jeans” aka: uncool. So in my personal quest to find a one-piece bathing suit that didn’t scream “middle age” or resembled a hideous monokini, I found 10 surprisingly more than acceptable suits to keep me (us all) hip this summer…and all 10 are under $100!
– Lauren Dimet Waters

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