Zac Posen's "Sesame Street" Situation


You know, they say there is always drama behind-the-scenes, but rarely does in happen in front of a room full of people. 

Last April at a dinner celebrating Cartier's 100th anniversary, Zac Posen was seated next to Harper's Bazaar editor and the evening's hostess Glenda Bailey.

Posen was apparently upset with Bailey for slighting his work. The designer was offended that the magazine, which rarely features his clothes, asked him to appear in a fashion feature paired with characters from "Sesame Street". Posen confronted Bailey at the party, in front of her guests no less.

“I didn’t want to model with the Count,” Posen said. “She said that was the only way my clothes could be in the magazine as a non-advertiser. I think she was surprised I wouldn’t take the part, but I stood my ground and I still do.” 

Last September, Bailey did not attend Posen's show, but a Bazaar spokeswoman said that the magazine has always supported Posen.

Well, me-ow.


-Taneisha Jordan



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