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This week was looking pretty bad, but then by the grace of God…the Diesel celebrated the grand opening of their new Melrose flagship store and were blessed with L.A. tacky fashion! Let the games begin.

Dominica Walsky
at the Diesel Grand Opening in L.A.

Comment: Where are her pants? I bet men were dropping Tic Tacs by her feet all night. Who wouldn’t stoop for a 1.5 calorie breath mint? Especially when you have to spray your dress on. The shoulder strap worn like a beauty pageant sash is priceless, as is the jacket draped around her arms. My guess is it’s longer than the dress. She’s thinking: I’m too sexy for this dress.


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Whitney Port at the Diesel Grand Opening in L.A.

Comment: Well isn’t she just the cutest? All ready for a hoedown. I just love the denim on denim look (not) and the boots just add a certain flair. She’s thinking: Hi Ya’ll!


Gwen Stefani at the Diesel Grand Opening in L.A.

Comment: It’s not that this outfit is that bad (although we are over the shorts as skirts thing), but it’s late may in Atlantic City! It’s not December in Chicago for Pete’s sake. Totally wrong for the climate and the time of year. She’s thinking: I thought for sure there would be snow this time of year in Jersey.

Patricia Fields at the New York City Opera and Brooklyn Academy of Music Benefit Gala 

Comment: It is so hard to force myself to remember that this woman styled the chicas on my favorite show ‘Sex in the City." I mean the skirt on this carwash dress is sending shivers down my spine. Add to that, she’s well over 50 and the tube top is hideous on everyone. She’s thinking: Take that beotches! I’m laughing all the way to the bank!

Sarah Jessica Parker
 sighting in Manhattan
Comment: Speaking of "Sex in the City"…I am beginning to wonder if SJP really did develop/design that awful Bitten line. This outfit is just well, not an outfit. The yellow pumps? I might have admired this look more with yellow Pumas. She’s thinking: I really thought I could grab a pizza without being noticed. Game face on!


Honey Lee Miss Universe Korea 2007 in full pagentry 

Comment: Now I can see why she lost. This dress is so ug. Cut off the skirt and you have an ice skating outfit! She’s thinking: I won right?


Emma Bell
 at the "Gracie" New York City Premiere

Comment: Here is a prime example of someone who should not wear yellow. It blends with her skin tone and you can’t see her face. The bronze shoes only draw focus to her white as snow legs. She’s thinking: Hello? Is anyone out there? I see you, can you see me?

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  1. where to begin? Bad, worse, and incomprehensible. To be fair, I never expect Patricia Fields to actually look nice, but her student SJP has surely lost her (once fashionable) mind. If you’re going to pop out in a casual outfit and don’t want to be noticed, leave the dayglo purse and shoes at home.


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