Whitney Port Fundraises For Her Fashion Line

The goal is very clear for former Teen Vogue intern and Reality TV veteran turned designer, Whitney Port – raise $50,000 to fund her line Whitney Eve for Mercedes-Benz  Fashion Week in New York. But her method is a bit unorthodox to say the least.
Using her fame to its full advantage, Port will be educating her fashionista followers for a small fee. Starting at just $1, her fans can gain entrance to model fittings, name a look that will appear on the runway and have a one-on-one chit-chat with her about her line. Sounds like an interesting fundraiser, but I can’t help but wonder if the idea is actually that clever or just teetering on the line of desperation.
“I think this campaign is a great way to provide my fans a behind-the-scenes experience on how a large show is designed, developed, and executed,” Port said in a press release.
Regardless of the reason, fans will at least have the opportunity to get close to their favorite young designer as well as learn some inexpensive fashion lessons. Only time will tell if this venture will be able to deliver. With that being said, our eyes will be on the runway looking for Whitney Port’s fan-funded fashion show and seeing how it shapes up to the rest.
–Jamie Wilson
Source: Elle; Image: People Style Watch

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