"Where Did You Get It?" "Where Did You Get It?" Okay, Okay I'll Tell You!

People often tell me they like what I am wearing and knowing that I may have an insider’s advantage often ask, "Where did you get that?" First I say "Thank you!" and then (since the designer should really get the credit) I give them the designer’s name and say "Okay, okay, yes, yes, I will email you the information!"

So now I have a pile of emails in my handbag, especially after all the holiday parties I’ve attended. I realized if these women want to know where I "got it" everyone may want to know!



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"Like your blouse." "Like your blouse." It was like a parrot was in the room!

I like it because I can wear it many ways, it is fitted and has a bit of stretch. It also works well tucked in since the ruffles do not go all the way down the front!

"Where did you get it?"
Get it online
: Kate Boggiano Isadora Blouse by Chicago designer Kate Coxworth
Pristine White, Jet Black, or Red   Price: $189.95  Now on Sale: $129.94


"Cool belt." "I like the sparkles." "Pretty belt!" "I need a belt!"

Well I needed an additional belt for jeans, and I have been wearing this one every other day! I love the dark tone on tone look, and I feel kind of dressy with the gemstones!

"Where did you get it?"

I found this Heroine Chic belt at GenArt Shop Chicago last fall. Chicago designer Colleen Soisson handcrafted the buckle with tiny gemstones that really twinkle in the light. Heroine Chic has many "cool belts" from around $75 – $120.

To purchase please call 313.378.5911 or email [email protected]
For a list of stores and other belt designs go to heroine-chic.com

— Carol Calacci

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