Video. Lulu Guinness Debuts "The World is Your Oyster" Luggage Collection!

Pieces from the new Lulu Guinness "The World is Your Oyster" luggage colletion
Lulu Guinness is on the go! The British handbag designer will be launching her first luggage collection next week. It will consist of carry-on and wheeled luggage sets , which will be available in Lulu’s Bleecker St NYC store and online at wheeled luggage sets will come in either red or black with the choice of either hard-sided or jacquard nylon material. Each piece of luggage will feature a signature set of Lulu Guinness lips to make finding your fab bags on the carousel that much easier!

To celebrate the collection, entitled “The World is Your Oyster,” Lulu has collaborated with award-winning animation director Vicky Mather to create a short film using Vicky’s creative style of stop motion animation and live action. Lulu worked closely with the director to literally bring the collection to life in the brand’s first 45 second animated film, which features the adventures and travels of Lulu’s luggage through stopframe animation. Stop frame animation gives the flexibility in movement of the bags, a key element in giving the film the right mood and charming feel that Lulu Guinness represents.

Check out “The World is Your Oyster” video here and get inspired for that end of summer vacation. But before you plan, look for the new Lulu Guinness luggage collection debuting next week at!   The World is Your Oyster from Lulu Guinness on Vimeo.   -Alia Rajput

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