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You could say Cyndi Chan’s trench is going to the dogs, but that’s just because she made a pint-sized one for a pooch for her recent runway show. However, it’s also going to Oprah!

True Story: One of our fashion editors, Jacqui emailed me before the Green Tie Ball a month ago, a creative black tie event that we were about to cover for Second City Style.

By the way, how dressed up are you getting?


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I was thinking I may wear a black satin Cyndi Chan trench with pants or a skirt.

Haha! I was thinking of wearing my black satin Cyndi trench!  I’m glad I asked!  (Don’t worry, I won’t wear it now).

I didn’t know you had one, too! Great minds think alike …Although I have the short one. And you?

I’ve got the short one too. Clearly, the SCS staff has excellent taste.

So now I think that everybody needs a Cyndi Chan trench!  A few years ago Cyndi Chan designed a long satin trench coat and it soon became her signature piece.


Then last spring she introduced the short version. Just like the long trench, it has a flattering wide sash that you can tie in a bow or just sash…and it has pintuck detail on the back. It’s flattering, it’s easy, it’s marvelous. You’ll feel like a movie star! In black, silver, gold or red… the reason this coat is so fabulous is because you can wear it to a black tie event, over a dress, skirt, pants..or just throw it on with jeans and a t-shirt and look amazing -instantly! Long or short it works either way. A virtual no-brainer! The timeless trench is somewhat vintage, but still very modern.

Photo: Robert Carl

Next stop…the trench will be appearing on Oprah! Scheduled for this Tuesday, October 23rd.

Where can you get your Cyndi Chan trench (short version or long version)? At Second City Store, of course! Just double check no other friend, colleague or dog will be wearing it to same event!


Available at Second City Store

— Carol Calacci

Photo: Robert Carl

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