Todd & Duncan Opens First Store In SoHo

The first ever Todd & Duncan store has just opened in SoHo and we couldn’t be happier about the timing. As we roll into November, the temperature is dropping lower everyday and the winds are picking up speed (never failing to nearly knock us down every morning on our walk to the subway). New Yorkers are either digging through their storage closets to find last season’s warm clothes, or braving the stores to buy new comfy sweaters at full retail instead. For those of us looking to add new items to our winter wardrobes, Todd & Duncan is now here with new cashmere items to keep us nice and toasty until spring.
The Scottish cashmere design house is almost 150 years old, but since its inception it has evolved with the times to produce stylish and current cashmere pieces. This much was clear at the SoHo store’s opening earlier this month. Flanked by some of the hottest designers du jour (Chloe is down the street; Chanel is around the corner), the Todd & Duncan storefront welcomes you with its floor-to-ceiling windows and bellowing centerpieces on tables covered in cashmere. The party was hosted by the fashionable Natalie Joos and Kelly Rutherford, who wore a sweater dress and sweater/skirt combo, respectively. These ladies showed us how it’s done when it comes to sweater weather.

Natalie Joos

Kelly Rutherford

When the temperature does start to heat up again in spring, there’s no doubt we’ll be finding reasons to go back to Todd & Duncan. For some reason, we’re thinking summer cashmere might just be a thing-to-do in 2014 – hey, we’re now wearing leather in the summer! But we’re happy to cozy up in some of these beautiful pieces for now.
– Madelyn Raine
Photos: Todd & Duncan

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