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The worst picture ever of yours truly, Lauren Dimet of Second City Style with the photogenic Stacy London of TLC’s "What Not to Wear" and Carol Calacci of Second City Style last night at the Macy’s Calvin Klein Fashion Presentation hosted by Stacy London.

Truth be told, I love Stacy London. One, she told us last night that she wears our t-shirt to the gym all the time. Two, I swear we were separated at birth. You get us together, the hands go flying and you can’t shut us up.

I had an opportunity to interview Stacy last night before her style presentation to a crowd of about 125 at Macy’s.


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SCS: Are pointy shoes ever really out?
SL: Well, they are not trendy at the moment, but they make your legs look long and lean. So you decide, do you want to be trendy or do want to look tall? It’s all about your technical reference.

SCS: So what shoes do you recommend this season?
SL: Honey, I’m all about shoes. I am going to admit this here. I spent two years renovating my new condo. It’s finally finished. It has a hallway just for my shoes.

SCS: That’s pretty serious.
SL: Via Spiga platforms are rocking my world. I went nuts and bought 5 pairs. They have rounded toes and a rubber sole which makes them comfortable. I particularly love the patent leather ones. (More on Stacy’s shoe picks Shoe Shopping  . It deserves it’s own.).


SCS: I only have money to blow on one key item this winter. What should it be?
SL: This season was very difficult. The designer was disconnected from the customer. Everything was dark, bulky and generally unflattering. There were no unifying themes or one big trend. However, if you didn’t take the looks at face value and dissected them, you found there were some great tailored pieces like the 3/4 sleeve jackets, sac dresses with sky-high proportions (like platforms), gray pantsuits and sweater wear. I would suggest buying one of those and pairing it with something you already own. Like a balloon sleeve jacket with tailored pants. You will wear that item for many years to come.

SCS: What did you think about Marc Jacob’s layered grunge look for fall?
SL: Who would wear all of those clothes at one time? I mean  the models looked fat. Limit the layering pieces to one or two at most.


SCS: What are your thoughts on upcoming trends?
SL: The Edie Sedgwick 60’s look is not going away. I am concerned about the neon colors, however. If you try a bit of the neon’s with a neutral color then it’s OK. I have also seen some 80’s elastic waist pants! Huge fashion don’t.

SCS: So last winter I tried to go sans black after seeing you and reading your book. It was hard, but I did it. I’m back on black though, but it is severe to me now.
SL: I am very anti black with just one color. For instance, black with red? Oy. At least make sure your blacks have contrasting details and some visual detail. Now black, red and a neutral like gold (all metallics are neutrals) now you are talking.

SCS: Any other last minute words of wisdom to impart?
SL: Many. I am going to tick these off.

1. Don’t wear a bias cut if you have hips, try a draped jersey.
2. If you are under 5’4" do not wear a cuffed pant.
3. Puffer jackets after 40 are a no-no. Try a little belted shearling instead.
4. Try a jean trouser "jouser’ on casual Fridays.
5. Almost as important as the little black dress, is a black tux. Buy one. Wear it with stilettos.
6. If you must wear all black, mix the textures and fabrics.


– Lauren Dimet


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