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I was in my hometown this past weekend to pick up my dog and had some time to kill on Sunday, so I ventured to the Target near my parent’s home. Being it was the day of the launch and I was in Niagara Falls, NY…I knew I would be able to see the line in it’s entirety and completely by myself.

Sure enough, by 4 pm Sunday…every article in every size was mine for the asking ("What’s Libertine?"). The apparel was untouched. I am not so much a fan of Libertine personally, but do remember some friends were nuts about their artsy meets punk silk-screened jackets from a few years back. Even though I didn’t wear Libertine, I respected it. So when I heard the next Go International designers were Johnson Hartig and Cindy Greene of Libertine, I really didn’t know what to think. How was this edgy line going to translate to the masses?


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Then I saw the PR photos on Target’s site (which we posted last week) and commented, it didn’t look promising. Self-described as "edgy-elegance" I wasn’t seeing in the promo shots. After seeing the line, I realized the stylized looks were horrid because the models were dressed in the clothing head-to-toe. Mind you, I think the whole skull/skeleton thing was overplayed last fall and shudder to think it may last another season. Notwithstanding…there were a few items that I liked more than previous collections at Target.

Here are some I saw in person and even tried on (OK and even bought a couple).


Libertine for Target Silk-Screen Jacket. Not the greatest quality, but a signature all the same. I’d pass.


Libertine Skull-Print Argyle Sweater Vest $24.99. I’m afraid we will see this everywhere and it’s sorta funny, but sorta stale and cheap looking. Please skip this one.


Libertine Lace-Front Crepe Shirt $34.99. My location only had this top in black, but I was surprised how cute it was. Seriously, I would wear this. In the color shown though.


Libertine Eyelet Woven Shirt $24.99. I tried this on and because it’s junior sizing I had to go up a size. It is surprisingly very fitted. I didn’t like it enough on me to buy it.


Libertine Embroidered Shorts $24.99. I think these are a hoot (check back with me in a month when I have seen them everywhere though). I tried on a pair like these, but a bermuda length in khaki with orange embroidery which oddly, are not on the site. I actually liked the fit.


Libertine Embroidered Skirt $34.99. Ditto above. Also comes in white with navy embroidery.


Libertine Shirtdress in Fog $29.99. The fit wasn’t bad, but it had a Sgt. Pepper’s bib-front that was a little restrictive and the center of the buttons had a tiny crystal which I didn’t care for. What is the color ‘fog’ you might ask? Basically it’s a khaki hued off-white which washed me out and made me look like a corpse.


Libertine Woven Tank Dress $26.99. Cute, but a little short for anyone over 30. Again, I had to go up a size which bummed me out.


Libertine Eyelet Apron Cami $29.99. Adorable and my size fit, so I bought it. It’s perfect for kicking around the rest of the summer.

In conclusion, I’d say get a piece or two if you desire, but please use sparingly. Oh and remember junior sizing can cause distress in the dressing room. Trust me on that.

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  1. signature is misspelled in the jacket caption…i’m not trying to be a butt, I just read your site a lot and I’m a copy editor. Sorry!

  2. I would wear the dress if it was a few inches longer, maybe just above the knee (and I am under 30). But re: the sizes, that shouldn’t be a component of your self-esteem. As you said, it’s junior sizing, and you aren’t a junior, so why stress out over wearing a larger size? The numbers are arbitrary anyway.


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