Be Insta-Chic: How To Look Good On Social Media

Chances you or at least one of your friends and family members is addicted to Instagram, Twitter, Vine or generally loves to post pictures of themselves and anyone they happen to be with on various social media sites. And that’s generally great – for them. You may not be thrilled if the pics they post are less than flattering, so here’s how to look great in digital snaps no matter what (even without a filter) at any age!

Balenciaga's New Vamped Up Virtual Reality

French fashion house Balenciaga has finally decided to step it up and join the rest of the luxury sector with an increased web presence. Expected to go live this week, the label’s newly revamped website will be brimming with all kinds of fun new features, including 3,000 photographs and 200 videos displaying runway ready-to-wear. “It’s …

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Rihanna's Getting Ready to Vogue

Rihanna is all set to make her debut on her first America Vogue cover, according to Twitter. The singer tweeted that she just shot her cover shoot with famed photographer Annie Leibovitz. "Just wrapped my first American Vogue cover shoot with Annie Leibovitz…Rah!" the singer revealed on her Twitter page. "#SEXY" The shoot is bound …

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