Be Insta-Chic: How To Look Good On Social Media

Chances you or at least one of your friends and family members is addicted to Instagram, Twitter, Vine or generally loves to post pictures of themselves and anyone they happen to be with on various social media sites. And that’s generally great – for them. You may not be thrilled if the pics they post are less than flattering, so here’s how to look great in digital snaps no matter what (even without a filter) at any age!

Shop The Ken Downing Collection While Giving To The Chicago Children's Museum

Neiman Marcus Michigan Avenue opened The Ken Downing Gift Collection shop last evening. The kickoff event featured a champagne reception, holiday treats – and shopping! Neiman Marcus’ Fashion Director Ken Downing curated an exclusive collection of 37 gifts ranging in price from $32 – $1,800. His selections are so beautiful they put everyone in the …

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