Summer Sandal Trend: The Flatform Sandal

Thank God Birkenstocks are once again out of fashion (not that I EVER thought they were in nor would I ever be caught dead in them!). What’s the hot sandal that’s equally as comfortable, but not nearly as ugly this summer? Flatform sandals! You get the height of a heel without the discomfort! Win win. Be warned, don’t try to rock the Frankenstein 4 inch flatform. They will look ridiculous on you if you are over 40 (think “trying too hard”). One or even 2 inches is fine. Any more than that should be for your daughter. Wear your flatform sandals with cropped jeans or even a midi skirt.

Fall Trend Alert! The Mid-Calf Das Boot

I have to admit. At first I was not crazy about the mid-calf boot, but over time it has grown on me. So much in fact, I have purchased a pair. Since the boot ends at a sometimes unflattering part of the leg, you need to make sure you wear it properly. The mid-calf boot …

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