Pangea Modern Mediterranean Diet

Pangea Nutrition’s Modern Mediterranean Diet Delivery Meal Kit

I have come to love delivered, prepare-at-home meal kits because they are easy to make and come with the exact ingredients and amounts you need. Yet, since summer is here I was searching for one that was healthy, somewhat dietary as well as tasty. That can be a tall order. So I just tried the Pangea Modern Mediterranean Diet and I have to say, I’m rather hooked.

From Farm To Your Doorstep To Your Table – Farmbox Direct

As much as we’d like, not everyone has time to make a weekly trip to their local farmers market. What if you could have fresh, organic and local fruits and vegetables delivered directly to your door? Well you can! Farmbox Direct began with a vision of how food SHOULD be: fresh, and local (when mother nature permits). So now you can have your farmers market delivered to your door directly.