Hard Candy Cosmetics When You’re Over 35? You Bet!

OK, here comes the snob in me, but I don’t typically frequent Walmart. There. I said it. Costco and Target are my jam, but Walmart? Not so much. Well that may soon change. Why? I recently made a rather shocking discovery. Hard Candy Cosmetics sorta rocks and it’s only available at Walmart

Beauty Buzz. Lancome Unveils New Stem Cell Face Cream

L'Oreal-owned beauty label Lancome is about to revolutionize the way moisturizers work. Their newest product Absolue Precious Cells, which targets women in their 50s, will hit U.S. shelves in the fall and is marketing itself with a new, not-so-secret ingredient. The 'Precious Cells' in the title refers to the infusion of stem cells, the natural …

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