Sole Goddess: Killer Shoes Don’t Have to Kill Your Feet

Warmer weather means shoes with no socks! Unfortunately it also means blisters. After our feet have been protected by layers of tights and socks all winter, it’s a total bummer when you finally get to wear your favorite sandals or heels with bare feet and the friction causes blisters in a matter of hours! Band-Aids look terrible and slide off. If you are a mother like me, that could even mean Spongebob Bandaids…desperate times call for desperate measures. I had kept a tube of Band-Aid Friction Block in my makeup bag for a few years, but I have no idea where it disappeared to and frankly, it didn’t always work. Thankfully there is now something that does work even better and comes in much cuter packaging.
Chicagoan Danielle Lutz (an image consultant who also owns ShopWalk shopping tours in the Windy City) came up Sole Goddess out of necessity. She herself was tired of covering her feet in bandages and thought, “how can women wear their sexiest shoes without getting painful and unsightly blisters?” She knew there there had to be a way to break in those strappy heels glamorously. In this case necessity really was the mother of invention.
Lutz created Sole Goddess Blister Protection Foot Balm to bridge the gap between comfort and fashion, so that all shoes could become walking shoes. The original formula foot balm was inspired by the sports sticks that marathon runners have used for years to prevent chafing. It’s formulated with the rare skin protector, allantoin and healing ingredients like beeswax, aloe vera and coconut oil to help stop blisters before they start. Simply apply like lip balm to the skin on your feet and the areas that you know get blisters. The invisible formula is not messy or oily and will not affect your shoes, but it provides an effective barrier between your shoes and your feet.
I have tried it a few times now and must say…I now have the feet of a goddess. OK, not really but they are blister free and I even tried it with shoes I know normally causes problems within minutes! Woot!
Sole Goddess Blister Protection Foot Balm, $18.50
– Lauren Dimet Waters
Sample provided for review, but opinions are my own.

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  1. Thank you Second City Style for the awesome review of Sole Goddess! Yes, Sole Goddess will let you walk for hours blister free. Our ingredients differentiate our product from Bandaid.


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