Smileactives Tooth Whitening Pens: Pefect For People On The Go

I have tried teeth whitening strips and trays and toothpastes. They all seem to work alright, but trays are a bit uncomfortable to use, some toothpastes irritate my gums, and I got away from using strips. Why? I was “too busy” to take a half an hour to use whitening strips! And they are gummy and just not something I look forward to using. Recently I was introduced to Smileactives®. The original product is a pretty little pen with a brush and a whitening formula inside that you can keep in your handbag and use whenever you like.

Before I tried Smileactives®, I had the opportunity talk with Dr. Robert Wolf, DDS, FAGD, FASDA Inventor & Entrepreneur and co-founder of Smileactives. With over 30 years in hands-on cosmetic, restorative dentistry and product development experience, (he was the founder of the Perfect Smile Teeth Whitening System, as seen on QVC, featuring Vanna White), Dr. Wolf co-founded Smileactives® with R. Eric Montgomery, biochemist, innovator and inventor behind the brand. Mr Montgomery is the founder and owner of Oraceutical, the exclusive manufacturer of Smileactives® products. So I knew these products had to be safe, just as most consumer products should be.
To use the Original Smileactives® Tooth Whitening Pen, ($25 retail) you simply brush the product on each of your teeth and let it dry for 30 seconds. I keep a smile on my face to let it dry a bit, but even if I didn’t have time (30 seconds!) to really let it dry, it still whitened my teeth. I noticed a difference in 2 days. It leaves a freshening taste, too. Just be sure to not eat or drink for a half an hour. Easy, right? It is recommended to use it at least twice daily, after brushing and may be used safely up to 4 times a day.

There is a second product, the Smileactives® Vibrite® Pen, which retails for $35. Dr. Wolf told me that the vibrating brush keeps people brushing each tooth a bit longer, and you use this product twice daily as well. It has a higher concentration of peroxide for (safe) whitening. I asked him if it was OK to use the product if it gets on gold fillings and dental work, and he assured me it is! Dr. Wolf was right, this product showed more immediate results after using it only two times. I think this product has a bit of a celery flavor. The great thing about both products is that you don’t have that gunky and gummy feeling on your teeth when you apply them, and they don’t taste bad. The product simply dissolves in your mouth!

So what’s next for Smileactives®? Look out for ProLite™, an intense professional whitening system for individual teeth at home, with built in True*Blue™ high-intensity LED. There is no other whitening light like this on the market today. This will be available late Q1 2013 at: and, for $199.
Visit Smileactives and QVC for more information and to purchase products.
– Carol Calacci
Products received for review but the opinions expressed are my own.

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