Sassoon Chicago Creative Directors Share Tips For Holiday Hair!


It’s the time of year you have to prepare for the holidays, and you want to take care of yourself, too! You need to be ready to look your best for all the parties and gatherings that come with the season. So now is the time to get your hair cut and colored. There’s no place better than Sassoon to get a fresh and sleek hairstyle to make your life easy. I asked Sassoon Chicago‘s Salon and Color Director Nicole Tabloff and Creative Director Marilyn Harmon for their tips for fabulous holiday hair. SCS: Do you have any special color or highlighting suggestions for holiday hair? Nicole: People think that they should go lighter in summer and darker in winter, but I think winter is a good time to brighten up your color, add some highlights or red tones to stay bright. In our dark world of winter we can use some brightness! You can actually go darker in summer because your complexion may have more color from the sun and you need some lightness to adjust to your winter skin tone. SCS: Do you have any suggestions for keeping colored hair healthy in winter? Nicole: Winter hair is dryer hair, with the lack of humidity and from indoor heat. So I think the best way to nourish it is with Kérastase Nutritive Masquintense. There are two types, for finer hair and thicker  hair. The other product I recommend is Kérastase Elixir Ultime. You can spray it on before you go to bed. SCS: Do you have any special styling ideas for the holidays such as up-do’s, hair ornaments or headbands for the holidays? Marilyn: Sure – a little sparkle is always nice! But the Sassoon woman is more about getting a great cut that she can wash and style herself. For the holidays I recommend a fresh haircut and color. Come in a week or two before any special occasion, so you can get used to it, especially if you are trying something new. We don’t recommend doing anything drastically different for any special event. SCS: How can women keep their style for the holidays – what kind of haircut cut or products? Marilyn: For winter or any day, healthy hair is beautifully shiny hair. I like using Moroccan Oil Friz Control. You can use it wet or dry before you style it or use a flat iron. It keeps your hair from static in the dry winter heat. And for naturally curly hair, it keeps the frizz down. There are a lot of great products but I have been using this one on my clients and I really like how it works!


Visit Sassoon today so you can have a wonderful, carefree holiday season! And with the purchase of every $100 Holiday Gift Card, you get a $20 bonus voucher. That’s a great way to give to someone else, and give to yourself! Visit Sasoon in Chicago or find a Sasssoon salon near you. –Carol Calacci Photos: Sassoon and Second City Style


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