Rachel Zoe's e-Newsletter, 'The Zoe Report', Comes Out Today.

Rachel Zoe

After first announcing her plans at the start of July, stylist to the stars Rachel Zoe will be launching her own e-newsletter, named 'The Zoe Report', today. So far the site has consisted only of a mailing list and Editorial Policy in which Zoe made sure to mention that none of the products mentioned on the site were picked because of advertising partnerships. Now for all of those signed up in the past month, the wait is finally over and the first newsletter will be sent to subscribers today. The newsletter's overall intent is to display the celebrity stylist's picks for apparel and accessories, though many are curious to see just how much of Zoe's actual influence will be apparent within the features since the site's Editorial Policy had also stated that the variety of items picked in the Zoe Report were, "carefully chosen by our editorial team of fashion addicts-ahem-experts." Hopefully Zoe is an actual part of that team instead of just a figurehead. Either way, we're interested to see what the bananas-happy style star is able to come up with.

Article Source: racked, newyorkmag
Photo Source: exposay
-Alia Rajput

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