Project Runway Season 7 Episode 14: Final Runway Show at Bryant Park. Memorable Quotes From Last Night's Episode

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Project Runway Season 7 has come to a close and I say congratulations to all of us viewers who sat through this ever enduring season! The designers thought they worked hard at creating beautiful clothing, but we worked just as hard, endeavoring not to change the channel when things got boring. And oh, did they get boring, but not last night. Last night had a only a bit of drama before the runway shows took off. Seth Aaron had to pair 24 different looks down to only 10; Mila got emotional, again, telling us how hard she has worked for this (blah, blah, blah); and Mila and Emilio had to replace their absentee models who just never showed up. But it was the last episode, the culmination of the season, plus we’d finally find out who would be crowned the winner of Project Runway Season 7!  So unlike previous seasons where we got to see last minute goings on in the workroom, this season’s designers were much too prepared and professional to provide any good reality TV drama. But they’re forgiven, since the apparel was really fun to see.


Seth Aaron started the show with his collection, and to quote guest judge, Faith Hill, “I was blown away” (Seriously, Faith, you’re cute, but you couldn’t come up with anything else to say all evening?!) I’ve been wishing all season that I was a bit more punk rock so I could pull off at least one of Seth Aaron’s looks, but with this show I honestly could have worn just about anything (minus the purple space age monstrosity – where did that come from?) and felt comfortable and at ease and not feel bad that I didn’t have black nail polish nor eyeliner.  His garments were expertly tailored, as they should have been since his inspiration came from the 1940’s German military, but his dresses were still feminine enough for everyday. Michael Kors complimented Seth Aaron’s great slight of hand, to be able to have a powerful show with wearable clothes. And Nina was very pleased with his “very editorial collection.”
Mila, who, lets face it was only showing at Bryant Park because Heidi Klum loved her clothing so much, showed a collection that was only as exciting as a monochromatic collection can be. Her clothing is obviously very well made, which is seen easily enough, and they’re separates, which is great for selling in the stores. But otherwise her collection was very safe and boring. Nina indicated that the hair and make-up helped the collection immeasurably, but if it hadn’t been for Nina and Michael making that suggestion Mila never would have given her models a more modern look.  Yet Michael did flatter Mila on her ability to mix fabrics and patterns. And Faith, Nina and Heidi all LOVED her sheer leggings.
Oh, Emilio Sosa, whose confidence all season knew no bounds, showed the most boring collection or line, as Michael and Nina called it, than anyone else.  His “color me bad” self-coined collection was meant to be inspired from the 1940’s Harlem age, but instead reminded many people of the 1990s. While everyone seems to love his “E Sosa” logo he’s created, I question how he can create a logo with his name when no one even knows who he is? I certainly would never buy something with a logo on it and not know who it represents. While the judges were certain that Emilio’s line would sell in any store across the U.S., they weren’t thrilled with his show and wanted to see more pieces like his gold gown which came at the end of the show. Emilio’s line was missing the drama and glamour he had shown the judges all season long and were looking forward to seeing again. Instead Emilio showed his abilities in creating tailored garments, which were represented through his many, many jackets.



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While the judges had only good things to say to each designer, the designers knew it was going to be a tough decision to determine a winner. Whenever a positive thing was said about one designer’s collection the other two designers would roll their eyes or grimace. But in the end there would be only one winner and, I have to say I was clapping for Seth Aaron when he was announced the winner. His garments showed sophistication and maturity as a designer, and he has the ability to grow and change. That is what every fashion designer needs to know in order to succeed and conquer the fashion industry. I can't wait to see what Seth Aaron does now that the show has ended.

"Mila, you are out!"

"Emilio, you are out!"

"Seth Aaron, Congratulations! You are the winner of Project Runway!"

Memorable quotes:

"First impressions on Emilio’s designs: I’m in a boutique in Harlem…in 1994." Mila

"Roughen it up." Tim to Mila
"I wanted to represent the world and the world is a multicultural world."  Emilio
"My model’s going to kick your girl’s ass." Seth Aaron
"OMG. OMG!" Brandise
"It reminded me of the 90s and I’m totally bringing back the 90’s." Raven Simone
"You killed the girl in the cage doing the frug."
Michael Kors to Mila
"She has that potential there when she doesn’t get caught up in her geometry classes." Michael Kors on Mila’s design aesthetic
"In the words of our wisest contestant, Anthony Williams, ‘you don't have to have the crown to be the king.’" Emilio
"I’m ready to conquer the fashion industry, so to speak." Seth Aaron
Quotes from the reunion special:
"Honey, Nina. You know I feel like we’re girlfriends now."
"Oh that’s right I was on the show. I forgot about that." 
"It wasn’t a cheap jab, more of a mid-priced jab."
"And I just apologized; I can’t give her a kidney."
"That’s why I would never hire models with bad teeth and thick legs." Jay
"If I was gold I would shine every where." Ping

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—Bonnie J Brown

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