Project Runway Season 7 Episode 10: That's My Fabric. Memorable Quotes From Last Night's Episode


Fashion meets technology, it's not exactly the most intriguing or glamorous description of this past week’s Project Runway episode. I picture cringe-worthy garments made from compact discs, but that is SO not the case!  This week the designers got to create their very own print to be used in their design; I have to say I was almost as excited for the designers’ opportunity to create their own fabric as the designers themselves. Of course this opportunity comes at a price (for us viewers), we had to listen to designer and guest judge Vivienne Tam’s pitch on the HP computer. BORING! Although I have to say, I may want to switch careers, creating prints looks like a lot of fun!


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The enthusiasm the designers got from the chance to create their own pattern abounded throughout the workroom and had many of the designers bantering with one another and making fun quips or comments…mostly from Anthony…How fun is he? – Blaming all his problems on Beyonce!  But as Tim made his rounds around the workroom, it was Anthony and Emilio who he was most concerned for.  Anthony, for not pushing the envelope and creating the same silhouette week after week; and Emilio for creating a pattern which he thought represented Seth Aaron’s name, not Emilio Sosa’s. But Tim doesn’t bring Emilio down, for he is confident his look is a winner and he, as well as the other six remaining designers, feels he has a spot in Bryant Park.


On the runway, Jay’s military-esque design earns enough points to make him safe from elimination, but not enough to win. The top designs this week came from, of course, Seth Aaron, who’s “true to himself” designs and consistently well made garments caught the attention of the judges once again. Nina was charmed by his pattern and Michael was impressed with each piece (jacket, shirt, tie, and pant) and how even on their own they would work. Maya was also once again one of the top three, and even though her print was the favorite, her streak of being among the top designers, but not winning a challenge, continues.  That leaves Emilio as this week’s winner, a second week in a row no less. And as for Tim’s opinion on Emilio’s print, oh so wrong!  The judges loved Emilio’s ability to merge 1940’s French fashion with graffiti art. Well done Emilio!

That leaves Jonathan, Anthony and Mila on the bottom once again this week.  Mila’s tepee dress hobbled her model and looked more like a flash back to the 1970’s then a fashion forward piece. Jonathan’s “dirty table cloth” print (oh Michael Kors, how can you be so cruel to a young designer? – I love it!) had Nina feeling sad and confused. And while the judges have praised him in the past over his creativity, this week they feel Jonathan went too far with his straight jacket of a coat and hideous dress that only began with the print. But Anthony, poor Anthony, who was so excited about making it this far in the competition, was sent home for making a simple garment and leaving the judges wanting more. So long, Anthony, you and your entertaining antics will be missed!


Emilio, "You are the winner!"


Seth Aaron's Design

Maya's Design

Jay's Design

Mila's design

Jonathan's Design

Anthony, "You are out!"

Memorable Quotes

“Are we going to get a couple of pocket elves to help us sew?” Seth Aaron
“I won yesterday, but I’m normal today.” Emilio
“I don’t wan t to wear Lego’s; I want to play with them.” Anthony’s comment on Mila’s fabric design.
“I’m not crazy about the blue, it’s not talking to me.” Emilio
“I blame Beyonce for all the problems in my life.” Anthony

“Do you think Beyonce has a song about those who can't get a job or who had a horrible interview or something?” Anthony

“Oh my God! I love you and I don’t even know you yet!” Anthony talking to his fabric.
“Can we make out with our fabrics?”
Seth Aaron
"I think he’s good at fitting things, but I feel that his taste is questionable." Mila on Emilio
“Thank you, T.G.”
Mila (T.G. is Tim Gunn)
“Tim Gunn comes in and he mocks it…But you know I do not listen to Tim whether he likes it or not.” Emilio
“Mila and her white tepee of a dress, I’m baffled. How can someone be a designer and not be able to work with color?” Emilio
“You look like a gay Christmas ornament.” Anthony to Jay
“I don’t really care for Jonathan’s look. It’s really pale, the colors are really pale, he’s really pale. I just want a throw a bucket of paint on that side of the room.” Anthony
“It’s like a Mexican serape, gay flag.” Michael Kors on Mila’s dress
“It’s like a disco straight jacket; it doesn’t make any sense. Then I get to the print which looks like a dirty table cloth.” Michael Kors on Jonathan’s garment
“Then your husband helps you back into your straight jacket.” Michael Kors
“I feel sad.”
Nina on Jonathan’s garment.
“The poor model looked like she was walking in a striped tepee.” Michael Kors on Mila’s dress 

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— Bonnie J Brown

Photos: myLifetime

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