Project Runway Season 14 Finale. The Fix Was In!

There. I said what I believe many of us were thinking (and after having read Lifetime’s blog I know for a FACT now I’m not alone)…Project Runway has officially jumped the shark and I’m pissed off. I invested a lot of prime television viewing time and wrote a season’s worth of reviews and was left angry. I’m not upset that Ashley won because she’s a plus-size designer, I’m mad because she was not the best one this season and it was completely unfair for the other designers and viewers alike.

I woke up so angry this morning I didn’t think I could write this and I certainly can’t write a recap for Project Runway Season 14. As soon as I saw Edmond‘s first look come down the runway, I thought, “He did it!” OK, so a few of his final looks were a bit off the mark, but 7 of Ashley‘s 10 were! Her zippers were wonky and her fit was still horrid even after being warned. And let’s not forget about Kelly who was so fun to watch evolve during the season and who walked away with 4 straight wins! Candice deservedly did not have a shot, but come on! Kelly or Raymond. Raymond or Kelly.

To add insult to injury, Ashely stood on-stage with a model dressed in an outfit that looked like something Mama Cass might have worn in the early 70’s (pictured above). It was hideous and made her model look heavier than she is! And there was Heidi Klum, who could stand to eat a sandwich, waxing poetic about what a great job Ashley did and what a service she was doing for the plus-size woman. No Heidi, Project Runway is doing a service and apparently it was a politically correct one decided long before the New York Fashion Week show ever took place.


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Yes, I wanted Edmond or Kelly to win because I thought either of them deserved it and were far better designers. The ONE plus-size outfit Ashley made the entire season was awful and fit her model horribly. Her designs were meh the entire season. I’m sorry, but the viewers who have watched this show for 14 seasons deserved better. How insulting.

I get it was time for a plus size designer to win, but not this season. They should have cast a better one. She did not deserve the win.

And no, I will not watch Project Runway Juniors (it was crammed down our throats) even if my love Tim Gunn is mentoring this season. I’m so mad I need time off and am not sure I’ll be back for more. Shame on you Project Runway.

Tim Gunn
Judges Carrie Underwood, Nina Garcia, Zac Posen and Heidi Klum
Candice with her collection
Edmond with his collection
Kelly with her collection
Ashley is the winner of Project Runway Season 14


“I feel like it’s anybody’s game right now!” – Kelly

“Take Studio 54 up the street and send it right back into the disco.” – Tim

“You have looks in the collection that you can sex the living daylights out of!” – Tim

“You should be cutting and sewing and not making big design decisions.” – Tim

“The pants that fit weird were on her backwards.” – Candice

“Oh we did…we did bust the zipper!” – Ashley

“It’s not a time to hold it in. Let it go. Enjoy it. You earned it. “ – Tim

“I still have an allergic reaction to all the spandex-y fabrics, but I think this was a great show.” -Zac

“It looks like a Cirque Du Soleil skating outfit.” – Nina

“Based on the what the judges said I think either me or Edmond have a very good chance of winning.” – Kelly

“I let them water me down.” – Candice

“He had a lot of hits and a lot of misses.” – Heidi

“It looked like a Christmas tree with too many ornaments.” – Heidi

“Those pastels could have looked real scary” – Zac

“Kelly, your collection made us smile. Keep being you!” – Heidi

“Ashley that means your are the winner of Project Runway Season 14. Now you are allowed to cry.” – Heidi

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– Lauren Dimet Waters

Photos: Lifetime TV


6 thoughts on “Project Runway Season 14 Finale. The Fix Was In!”

  1. I totally agree. Kelly got better and better…she didn’t whine like Ashley….I was so over that. I hope Kelly does well..she deserved this more than Ashley. As a plus size girl, I would not wear those clothes..the fit on the shorts were terrible. They rode up between the legs…so mad, so sad for Kelly.

  2. Oh please, Ashley’s line was deep and joyful. That doesn’t mean i’m “against” or hating on anyone. Lighten up, ALL of those final 4 now have enough exposure to make real decent livings doing what they are ALL good at.

  3. I am angry even now for that horrible collection winning, but you will have a surprise watching PR Junior.Those kinds were so talented and it`s even more shocking compared to PR 14 winner by comparison.

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