Project Runway: Season 14, Episode 13: Finale, Part 1 (He's Back!) & Memorable Quotes

I called it! Tim uses his Tim Gunn save for Edmond and you can hear screams of glee in households across America! Nobody wants to see him go home, including the remaining 3 designers on Project Runway Season 14! I kinda like how this group gets along. For now.
The remaining four designers meet Tim and Heidi on the runway for their marching to New York Fashion Week orders. They will have seven weeks and $9,000 (Kelly is losing her mind) to design their assigned 10-look collections. Heidi strongly suggests Ashley should create a plus-sized collection and will be given plus-sized models if she does (a Project Runway first – it took long enough) and Ashley concurs telling the camera it was her goal all along.
Tim takes off to far away lands to check in on the designers after they have had about 5 weeks to “make it work.” First, he visits Ashley and her even more purple hair in San Diego. Since her success on Project Runway she has moved from the garage to inside her sister’s home where she has created a lovely workroom. She explains her inspiration is a modern twist on Mexico City in the 1950’s. I am totally excited until I see Ashley has once again gone the pastel route and instead of the beautiful patterns she usually chooses, she has picked all lace! Er, what? She has hand-dyed the lace and to compliment her look creates Carmen Miranda floral headpieces (minus the pineapple, but only the pineapple). Tim is impressed she has hand-dyed her materials to make them her own, but warns her she could use some jewel tones to add a needed pop of color. Don’t ignore Tim! His advice is sage (another color she uses). Then Tim meets her family who is of course proud and yadda, yadda, yadda.
Next Tim heads north to San Francisco to meet Candice who has two adorable children in tow. I digress. Her collection is Asian-inspired with lots of black leather and red sequin lace. She has also created a ginormous wood cage skirt that has to live outside due to lack of room – for her finale. Her idea is that every piece gets bigger and bigger. Her huge black leather laser-cut kimono is so heavy Tim can’t lift the hanger from the rack! Once Candice shows Tim the red sequin lace she plans to use on the wooden cage skirt outside, Tim warns her the whole collection is teetering on “full-tilt drag queen” and that she’s over-designing. Candice seems to ignore Tim’s warning to dial it down a few notches. She wants to go for it! Obviously her idea of a runway show is theatrical and I fear Nina will tear her apart.
Next Tim heads East to Springfield, Massachusetts to visit Kelly who has become a local star! Speaking of stars, her collection is full-on sequin disco queen. Would you expect anything less? The Bedazzler is obviously her favorite relic from the 70’s. She explains to Tim her inspiration is “Studio 54 meets New Wave streetwear” and then it clicks. She has headphones and handmade fanny-packs (of course) to compliment her sparkly gold, silver, teal and a wood-paneling patterned fabric as well as some flesh-tone sheer material which frightens me. But, Tim is oddly all over it! Well except for the flesh-tone lingerie-ish mesh which he says looks cheap and could look odd on the wrong model. He smartly suggests she buy some mesh in different colors for backup. Tim then meets Kelly’s family at a restaurant where she used to work and then she takes him to “Kelly’s Deli” where the owner surprises Tim with his newly named sandwich (it’s huge and about the last thing you’d expect to see Tim eat in his immaculate suits, but the whole thing is so sweet) which he takes to go (it should take him a week to consume it).
Last stop? Atlanta to check in on Edmond who has committed to an entire collection of evening wear which he explains is inspired by “glamour and luxury.” After thirteen auditions to get on Project Runway and a save, he wants to do right by Tim and looks to him for guidance. Should he create 10 beautiful gowns or include some variety like a swimsuit and a cocktail dress to make it more of an expected “collection?” Tim asks him “do you want people coming to you for swimwear?”and Edmond has his answer, much to his relief. The only problem is that Edmond’s pieces while beautiful are a bit uptight and stiff which is not the “sexy” vibe Edmond has become known for. He tells Tim his ultimate goal is to dress someone famous for the Met Ball, but Tim warns him to make sure his items have movement and fluidity and to “beat back the architecture” of his designs. Tim also expresses concern that Edmond has a ton of work to do and very little time to get it done! He better drink lots of coffee!
A week before New York Fashion Week the designers once again descend on NYC (I love that none of the finalists are from NYC for once) and happily toast over mimosas. Once in the workroom everyone is of course stealing glances at the others’ collections except Edmond is keeping his in garment bags claiming he has too much work to do yet.
As we all have come to know, there is always a surprise challenge at the 11th hour so Tim comes in to the workroom with the surprise (yet expected) challenge; each designer has to choose three looks from their collections to preview for the judges only one of those three has to be created now – as in today. They have 30 minutes to sketch and $250 to spend at Mood on that look and/or whatever else they need to complete their collection.
I could tell you what Tim says about what he sees in the workroom, but let’s take it right to the runway where is gets really interesting. Besides, I love seeing if the judges concur with Tim. The previews are only seen by Nina, Zac, Heidi and Tim. No guest judge needed. Are they ever?
Kelly: Thankfully Kelly swapped out a flesh-tone mesh dress because it didn’t look right on her model, so she went with a top and pants during her preview. Zac wants her to go even more glitterous using the words “glitter works.” The cuffed shorts are a miss and Heidi and Nina think the collection lacks luxury. What did she spend her $9,000 on, rent? All the judges agree she can save the collection by pumping up the volume and using extra touches. As Nina points out at least Kelly was smart enough to make many pieces so she can mix and match to achieve the right look. Kelly seems excited to go for it! She gets out relatively unscathed.
Ashley: As expected Zac calls out Ashley on her fit issues. It’s odd that as a plus-size designer, the only women she fits like a glove are Klum klones. If she wants a career as plus-size designer she has to get the fit perfect. Plus size women want to look amazing too! What a missed opportunity. Surprisingly Meana is kinder and says she sees Ashley in the collection but wishes she would pay closer attention to details. She suggests only some of the models should wear the floral crowns, otherwise they might be too distracting. Heidi then disagrees about the crowns, and Nina rightly asks Ashley if she would rather people talk about her headpieces or her clothes. Ouch.
Edmond: He tells the judges his goal is to include “glamour, beauty, and sexiness” and he has used the obvious black and white as his color palette to keep all the looks cohesive. Heidi can tell immediately which look he’s just made (a one-sleeve knee-length black dress with white across the chest), but Zac likes the look. The judges all express concern over his covered up, stiff looks which all have ruffles as the connecting element. They want him to edit and sex it up and are concerned he has lost his sexy edge. Then Nina quotes Justin Timberlake and urges Edmond to “bring sexy back.” Ouch, ouch.
Candice: Even though she picks what she considers the less edgy pieces for her preview because she wants to save the “wow pieces” for the runway, she gets the surprise of her life…what she has shown are already too much. Too costum-y. She should have listened to Tim. The judges have concerns about her with her styling too. The large leather hat is too much. Ditch the witch! When Nina says “Alexander McQueen can do Alexander McQueen. You cannot” you think Candice might burst in to flames. She is not a McQueen knock-off artist! Oh hell to the no! She now knows she has a lot of work to do and is noticeably freaking out! She has only two days to fix this mess. Triple ouch!
In fact all of the designers now realize two days is not a lot of time to fix their collections but the judges assure them it can and has been done before. Don’t freak out, get to work! I’m worried for them and can’t wait to see how this all plays out. But wait we must. Another week. Once more week.
“I feel numb.” – Tim
“Well you’re not going anywhere… I’m using my save!” – Tim
“The pressure makes diamonds.” – Edmond
“So, clean your house.” – Heidi Klum
“They tend to have the impression of matronly…” – Tim
“I want to run through Central Park naked.” – Ashley’s father Steve
“And no one would even notice.” – Tim
“I was feeling very over dressed.” – Tim
“Oh good god…Candice…honest with one hand I can’t budge it!” – Tim Gunn
“You’re just going full-tilt drag queen.” – Tim
“I didn’t come this far to be sitting with my ass in the wind…” – Kelly
“The first thing I thought of when I heard I was going to fashion week was ‘fanny packs'” – Kelly
“I love you, too. I’ve fallen in love.” – Tim to Kelly’s Family
“Let’s do a selfie.” – Tim Gunn
“Let me ask you this…Do you want people coming to you for swimwear?” – Tim
“I don’t know if I wan to look at this ring now!” -Ashley
“I don’t want to get into explaining anything ‘That’s cute’, ‘That’s cute’…” – Edmond
“I’m going to explode right now!” – Ashley
“Kelly… Is that a ‘collection’ fanny pack?” – Tim
“The whole time with Edmond it’s been sexy sexy…sexy sexy sexy sexy!” -Kelly
“Fashion designers are not florists.” – Edmond
“We can go to church together.” – Candice
“There’s 3 different girls with 3 different styles.” -Heidi
“I need her to be a little more streamline, a little more edgy and a little cooler…. How is this girl Edmond?” – Nina
“You’ve gotta bring the sexy back.” – Nina
“There is really no sense of luxury. It’s throw-away.” -Nina
“The zipper on the skirt looks like it’s driving through the Rocky Mountains.” – Zac
“It seems a little mother of the bride.” – Nina
“It looks a little witchy-bitchy.” – Zac
“I’ve seen this show. Alexander McQueen can do Alexander McQueen. You can not.” – Nina
 “We are back to ground zero.” – Edmond
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– Lauren Dimet Waters
Photos: Lifetime TV

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