Project Runway Season 14 Episode 4: Fashion Flip & Memorable Quotes

The designers are asked to meet Tim Gunn on a dock in New York City with the Mary Kay Makeup artist we see each week, and guess what? “It’s the Mary Kay Challenge!” It feels like an “in-house” or “inter-office” challenge where they only have to run across the hall to the Mary Kay booth. What next? The JustFab accessories wall Challenge? Anyway, I actually like this challenge because it’s simple and straightforward. The designers need to take an iconic fashion design, like the wrap dress, the pencil skirt or the trench coat, and put a unique and modern twist on it. They also need to use New York City as their inspiration (since Mary Kay has a New York Collection). The winning design will be featured in an ad in Marie Claire and the designer will also receive a $5000 cash prize from Mary Kay.
The designers sketch on the pier, and while Blake is grossed out by a fisherman’s bate, Swapnil tries to remember if Breakfast at Tiffany’s was in New York or Paris. Then the designers go to Mood and grab a bunch of fabric without too much trouble, but the word “leather” gets tossed around a lot.
In the workroom, Merline continues to jump about, while Blake sounds like he is on sleeping pills. He thinks they have 6 hours to work instead of 9 and points to the clock. The designers are in dismay and they wonder if Blake actually cannot tell time, or if he just plays dumb. Amanda keeps second-guessing herself, holding her head and moping since she was in the bottom 3 for the last 2 weeks! Gabrielle thinks she has a safe idea until the fabric on her ‘simple white dress’ is not working out so simply!
Tim comes into the workroom for critiques, gives a pep talk to Amanda, who cheers up and basically tell Gabrielle to carry on. He doesn’t even know what to say to Blake as he sits next to his fabric folded on a table and his mannequin appears to naked with 2 pieces of muslin pinned onto it. Some of the designers are worried about Blake, except for Blake.
Heidi Klum
Onto the runway and Heidi looks way too skinny in her little red pants. (I’d rather see her in dresses or the flare leg pants she wore earlier on the show, but I digress.)
Zac Posen, Nina Garcia and Heidi Klum are joined by Mad Men’s Kiernan Shipka as guest judge because actresses know so much about fashion construction! Kiernan keeps trying to say something nice along with each negative critique to the designers so I began to block out what she was saying every time she opened her mouth. I really miss Michael Kors.
Top Three
Swapnil: The judges love his combination of covered up and ruffles in contrast to short and sexy.
Candice: Everyone raves about the construction, details, lines, styling and fit of both pieces of her design. I thought Candice clearly should be the winner!
Blake: This design looked great on the runway but when the judges saw it up close I thought they would see its poor construction. Zac says it is not well made. But Nina surprises me when she says “It would give the pass if it is not perfectly made if it was perfectly innovative.” So Blake wins! Even sleepy Blake thought he could be on the bottom when Heidi asked him.
Bottom Three
Lindsey: The fabric was too heavy, and the proportions were way off. No one said the word “dowdy” but I will! But it was not horribly made so she is safe.
Amanda: The judges call it maternity and Miss Muffet and wonder if it was supposed to be a toga for the Statue of Liberty. Overall they want to see something “more crazy” from her.
Gabriella:  Her dress was not finished and it was terribly constructed. Zac says there is nothing innovative about the jacket sleeves and they are not hard to make. Nina says the proportions are completely off! Gabriella, you are out!
Memorable Quotes
“Second time in three weeks to be at the bottom sucks.” – Amanda
“Oh, Here’s Blake’s dress in the Marie Claire magazine!” – Blake
“There’s always a twist and a turn.” – Edmond
“My brain is like overload, you know like, over-stimulated?” – Merline
“That sounded like a musical.” – Swapnil
“I’m like 72% know what I’m doing.” – Lindsey
“Oh, the big hand is the minute.” – Blake
“It’s not attractive to pretend to be dumb.” – Candice
“We’re allergic to you!” – Ashley
“It takes it from ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ to ‘Breakfast in Vegas’.” – Tim
“Mood has a scuba section? Who knew?” – Tim Gunn
“If I hadn’t seen New York in three years and we were going on a date tonight, what would I wear?” – Lindsey
“I hate this motherf***ing dress.” – Gabrielle
“It sounds like an animal dying in the street.” – Kelly
“I’m like ‘Girl just wear these colors and let’s go!'” – Laurie
“I don’t want your crack to show … So this is not your crack?” – Swapnil
“The lightweight leather is the biggest pain in the ass fabric I’ve ever worked with.” – Kelly
“They’re either gonna like it or hate it.” – Blake
“My only reservation was… Is her ponytail holding up her dress?” – Nina
“It’s chop, chop, chop … and then the bootie.” – Heidi
“Not your finest moment.” – Zac
“I’d rather see more crazy.” – Zac
“I thought you were doing a design for the Statue of Liberty with this toga thing.” – Nina
“Listen, it’s not well made…” – Zac
“It would give the pass if it is not perfectly made if it was perfectly innovative.” – Nina
“It’s the worst made dress I’ve ever seen on the show.” – Zac
“This looks great from the neck up.” – Heidi
“I don’t think Blake’s as dumb as he pretends to be.” – Joseph
“I’m disappointed and embarrassed to be going home this early. I’m just not proud of my work and that’s a bad feeling to have.” – Gabrielle
“I’m really unnerved by this…Gabrielle?” “I just never wrote this scenario.” -Tim
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– Carol Calacci
Photos: Lifetime