Project Runway, Season 11 Episode 7: A Sticky Situation. Memorable Quotes From Last Night's Episode

Heidi Klum with a clue.
This episode opens with Heidi walking out on the runway with a clue for the next challenge, a duck named Fred on a leash. Fred even quacked on command! Back in the workroom, the designers found colored duct tape everywhere. It’s another unconventional challenge! Duck brand duct tape launched a challenge called Stuck at Prom where students create prom dresses out of the tape, and this is exactly what this challenge is! The designers are making prom dresses out of the duct tape. The contestants are going to meet with high school students, who will judge the looks. Their feedback counts for 20 percent of the judge’s scores.
Project Runway Season 11 Episode 7 Designs
This challenge will involve teams of two and designers have less than a day to create a duct tape dress! In the evening they will go to the high school, so they only have the daytime to finish. Here are the teams: Stanley picks Layana, Kate chooses Tu, Michelle picks Amanda, Richard chooses Daniel, and lastly Patricia ends up with Samantha. There is a fashion show in the high school’s gym and afterword, the students get to chat with the designers and ask them questions. The put their vote on one of the team’s boxes.
Judges Chris Benz, Nina Garcia, Zac Posen and Heidi Klum
The next day, designers have an hour and a half to prep for the Project Runway catwalk. Heidi reveals Patricia and Samantha got the most votes from the students! She also mentions the winner will have money donated to Autism Speaks in their name, paid by Duck brand duct tape. Designer Chris Benz is the guest judge this week.
Project Runway Season 11 Episode 7 Designers
Tu and Kate’s team and Daniel and Richard are in the bottom. Stanley and Layana’s team and Michelle and Amanda are praised for their design. Patricia and Samantha’s design was pleasing to the judges also. Michelle and Amanda are the winning team and Michelle is declared the winner! The judging was very close. Kate and Tu end up at the bottom and Tu is out. So sad! In a twist, Kate is out as well. We’re even more sad!
Michelle “You are the winners of this challenge!”
Tu and Kate, “You are both out!”
Memorable Quotes: “I know I’m the biggest dork, but I like ducks! We had a pet duck, so ducks have a special place in my heart.”-Daniel “I hate duck! One day I went to my friend’s and they have a duck. The duck just tried to follow me and bite me and I was running and I was like no! I cannot stand duck!” –Tu “They think they’re hot s*** and I can’t deal with that.” –Kate “Oh gosh! I’m twice their age!” –Amanda “There’s only one cook in this kitchen… and that’s me.” –Kate “It looks like a big potato and that’s not going to work.” –Daniel “It looks like bride of the tin woodman!” –Tim “I’m having the time of my life, I feel like a pageant mom!” –Richard “We’re going to prom girls, not Halloween.” –Tu “We want her hair like high school Las Vegas.” –Stanley “It’s a Jiffy-Pop dress.” -Daniel “Sorry girl I love y’all but it looks like Wonder Woman! You know?” –Tu “She looks like a praying mantis or a city alien.” –Patricia “Guys, long is sooo old fashioned!” –Nina “We want to go to prom!” –Heidi “You two go from heroes to zeroes.” –Nina – Claire Mykrantz Be sure to check out our other favorite site dedicated to all things Project Runway…Blogging Project Runway! Photos: Lifetime

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