Project Runway, Season 11 Episode 13: Finale Part 1. Memorable Quotes From Last Night's Episode

Project Runway Season 11 Episode 13_3 The final four designers get $10,000 to create a 12 looks for their fall collections. The designers need to forecast trends, consider fall colors, and include outerwear. It’s time for everyone to go home and create! Four months later, Tim first visits Patricia in New Mexico and has dinner with her family. He also visits Patricia’s studio and sees her collection so far. There’s even weaved fabric and horsehair in the collection. Tim’s next stop is Portland, Oregon to visit Michelle. After visiting with her family, Tim gets a sneak peek at her collection. She’s worried because she’s only a third of the way done. Austin, Texas is Tim’s next destination to visit Daniel. Before looking at his progress, he talks to Daniel’s friends and sister. Tim reminds Daniel to keep his collection looking fresh. Tim’s final visit is with Stanley in Hollywood and Tim meets his partner and niece. He sees Stanley’s progress with his collection and Stanley reveals his sister passed away suddenly last year and confesses it has been very difficult to deal with.
Project Runway Season 11 Episode 13_6
Tim Gunn with the final four designers
Four weeks later, it’s almost Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. All the designers are back in New York to put the finishing touches on their collections. The designers must prove they can show at Fashion Week and will show three garments to the judges. As a surprise, the designers will have helpers! Samantha, Richard, Layana, and Amanda are helping the designers. Layana is also pregnant with her first child! It’s time for the runway show! Three designers will move onto Fashion Week and one designer will be out. There is no guest judge, only the three regular judges.
Project Runway Season 11 Episode 13_8
Judges Nina Garcia, Zac Posen and Heidi Klum
The judges liked Michelle’s looks, were underwhelmed by Daniel’s pieces, and had mixed feelings about Patricia and Stanley’s looks. The judges first announce Michelle and Patricia are in! It all comes down to Daniel and Stanley. Stanley is going to Fashion Week! Sadly, that means Daniel is out. Tune in next week to see who wins this season of Project Runway!
Project Runway Season 11 Episode 13_10
Michelle, You are going to New York Fashion Week!
Project Runway Season 11 Episode 13_12
Patricia, You are going to New York Fashion Week!
Project Runway Season 11 Episode 13_13
Stanley, You are going to New York Fashion week!
Project Runway Season 11 Episode 13_11
Danielle, You are out!
Memorable Quotes: “I have a feeling he’s a bit of a magpie.” -Michelle “I’m walking like an old granddad!” –Tim “Being raised here has given me the strength to be able to go out into the world.” –Patricia “You’re like a chia pet!” –Tim “My family has always cared for me when I didn’t care enough for myself.” –Daniel “I want it! I want it all!” –Daniel “What is grandma’s robe doing here?” –Tim “I call it the monkey house syndrome!” -Tim “Twenty people recognized me at the airport!” –Daniel “You’re looking like a pimp, Stanley!” –Michelle “It’s gonna be moma-glama!” –Michelle “We’re gonna do the pow-wow dance.” –Patricia “I made some chaps!” –Michelle “This looks like a lumber-Jackie.” –Tim “Nobody wants extra saddlebags on their hips.” –Michelle “I want it chic and hot!” –Zac “I’d rather see her show than one of the snooze boys.” –Heidi “I’m so excited; I wish I could say profanities!” –Patricia – Claire Mykrantz Be sure to check out our other favorite site dedicated to all things Project Runway…Blogging Project Runway! Photos: Lifetime

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