Project Runway Season 10 Episode 11: It's Fashion Baby. Memorable Quotes From Last Night's Episode

Project Runway Season 10 Episode 11 Designers
As this season of Project Runway winds down, the designers are starting to realize the seriousness of these challenges. With only six competitors left, there is no room for mistakes because at this point we know that everyone is talented. After leaving their Atlas apartment, the six find themselves walking into a Babies “R” Us.   This week’s challenge was especially close to Heidi’s heart since they would be designing children’s looks for her “Truly Scrumptious” line at Babies “R” Us. There would be two winners, one boy look and one girl look and the winners would have their designs featured in the line this fall.
Project Runway “It’s Fashion Baby” Challenge
One by one the designers were grouped off with a mother-child pair and given time to consult and sketch an outfit. From the moment the babies were rolled out it was apparent that this would be Project Runway’s cutest challenge. However before leaving the store, Heidi made a little announcement that there would be a surprise waiting for the designers back at the workroom. From her little smirk and giggle they all knew that this wouldn’t be a good surprise. Once in the workroom the usual adult-sized mannequins were replaced with miniature ones, and waiting for each designer was an electronic baby that they would have to care for while making their garments. Boy was this going to be a challenge. It was hard focusing on the show while shrieks and screams erupted from the television, so I can only imagine how difficult it must have been for the designers. The only person who seemed to bond with his baby was Fabio. At times I wondered if he realized that it wasn’t actually an infant. Regardless, work began to  take place among the chaos of single-parenthood. When it was time for Tim Gunn to check up on progress he brought a surprise for the group – Heidi came to tag along on the evaluations! And she had another twist in store for them. They would also have to create an accompanying look for the mother, although most of the judging would be on the children’s garments. So, off to Mood with the babies they went to get more fabrics. When they got back, the final six began working on their tasks. Everyone seemed to be on point with their designs with the exception of Melissa. In past challenges she was typically one of the slower workers who always managed to save herself at the end. But this time around the light at the end of the tunnel appeared pretty dim for her. When the babies and their mother’s came in she didn’t even have an outfit ready for the mom to fit. But I guess no outfit is better than an outfit that the client hates, which is exactly what happened with Christopher. His overly picky client didn’t like the child’s outfit and didn’t like what he designed for her either. Although he was a little shaken up at her response he put that aside and continued work because at the end of the day it would he Heidi who had the power to make or break him. When the clock struck 10:00 p.m. the group along with their babies headed back to the apartment. They had a sleepless night ahead of them. The next morning, Tim Gunn appeared, and the sweetest word of all time slipped from his lips – daycare. Now that the babies were gone, the designer could really focus on their challenge. Little mini outfits began to take shape along with their adult counterparts. Christopher’s client even offered up an apology for yesterday’s harsh criticism. The challenge was looking up for most of the designers except for Melissa. She was struggling to the point of embarrassment when she asked her client to sew a button onto the garment for her. I think that would probably have to be the lowest point of this season. When all was sewn and done, Tim Gunn practically had to drag her out of the workroom with whatever concoction she had. It was time to see if she could pull off another miracle.
Season 10 Episode 11 Judges Hillary Duff, Nina Garcia, Michael Kors and Heidi Klum
On the runway the tots and their moms strutted their stuff. It was the most precious sight to see the children in their completed outfits. The judges, including guest Hilary Duff, couldn’t contain themselves. When all the looks came down, it was apparent that this would be a tough decision. It would be Sonjia with her polished yet modern, no fuss three-piece garment that took the the boy portion of the competition, and Christopher with his Sunday brunch flower dress that stole the girl portion of the competition. Their looks would both the featured in Heidi’s line. Fabio and Dmitry remained safe while Elena and Melissa stood in the bottom. Although Melissa made some major fabric mistakes, it was Elena and her “sample sale” garment that were sent home without her ever winning a challenge.  And then there were five…
Sonjita, “You are the winner of this challenge!”
Christopher’s Design
Dmitry’s Design
Fabio’s Design
Melissa’s Design
Elena, “You are out!”
Memorable Quotes:  “Heidi has like 105 kids.” -Dmitry “I’ve never made anything for babies before. I’m kind of nervous.” -Christopher “We all screwed.” -Dmitry “It’s like you’re making an outfit for a cat, literally.” -Dmitry “I haven’t worked with pink since — ever.” -Melissa “I know it’s not a surprise. I know it’s something f***ed up.” -Elena “Why do we have these babies?” -Dmitry “This is going to be a day of hell.” -Elena “Elena, you look like you want to run for the hills.” -Tim Gunn “Anyone else have a black baby? Sonjia want to switch?” -Dmitry “My baby’s name is Brandon. What’s yours?” -Dmitry “Mine’s a**hole!” -Elena “Fabio is obsessed with his baby.” -Dmitry “I don’t think I’ll be having babies anytime soon.” -Dmitry “I don’t even know how I’m going to get this done with this stupid ass baby crying all day long!” -Elena “You ungrateful little brat.” -Dmitry “I need a drink, then I’ll be fine.” -Christopher “I don’t see myself ever putting my child in Dmitry’s firefighter jumpsuit. It looks a little homeless in my opinion.” -Sonjia “Just dig my grave right now. Just dig it.” -Christopher “Being a mommy is hard.” -Christopher “Not the babies! Not the babies!” -Melissa “I forgot, I am a father now.” -Dmitry “Why are you putting a baby in a cocktail dress?” -Christopher “I love Melissa but sometimes she needs to f***ing focus.” -Christopher “Dead woman walking.” -Melissa “He looks like a crayon.” -Nina “It just looked like I don’t know, hand me downs.” -Michael Kors “The sexy diaper.” -Nina “What are we going to do all day everyday without ‘f**k,  f**k, f**k,  f**k,  f**k, f**k?” -Tim Gunn
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–Jamie Wilson
 Photos: Lifetime

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  1. Eek, Elena was eliminated, not Melissa. Although I agree, Melissa should’ve gone home.
    This was probably the funniest episode of the season. So many good quotes! The babies added an amusing chaotic element to the episode.

  2. Thanks for pointing that out! Our writer had it right the photo caption was wrong. Fixed it now – Must have been wishful thinking… – Carol


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