Project Runway All Stars, Season 3 Episode 7: As Sewn on TV. Memorable Quotes From Last Night’s Episode

Project_Runway_All_Stars_3_episode_7_Designers It’s down to the final six designers this week on Project Runway All Stars Season 3! They helicopter off to the QVC studios in Westchester, Pennsylvania where Lisa Robertson, QVC program host, fills them in on their next challenge. It’s all about red carpet glamour; the designers will be creating gowns that will be worn by Lisa at QVC’s red carpet event for the Oscars in Los Angeles. The winner will also have a version of the dress available for purchase on! The group pretends they are television hosts and sketch in judge (and QVC host) Isaac Mizrahi’s studio. He pops in and gives them advice and words of encouragement.
Christopher with Zanna Roberts Rassi in the workroom
I guess the Project Runway producers thought the show needed even more drama, because in the middle of working, Viktor told his emotional secret- he has been HIV positive for seven years. Elena and Seth Aaron are the close friends he tells on the show. Later, during Zanna Roberts Rassi’s critique, she warns the designers that anyone could go home with their designs because they aren’t really special. Ouch! Irina’s dress then rips during the model fitting and Korto decides to make another dress because she hates the way the first one looks. Ahh!
Judges Lisa Robertson, Elisabeth Moss, Isaac Mizrahi, Mondo Guerra and Alyssa Milano
Sitting in for Georgina this week on the judging panel is Project Runway All Stars season one winner Mondo Guerra. The guest judges are QVC host Lisa Robertson, who the designers met earlier, and Mad Men actress Elisabeth Moss. Irina’s dress tears again on the runway- yikes! Seth Aaron and Viktor are safe, and the winner is between Christopher and Korto. The next Project Runway QVC designer is… Korto! Lisa will wear her look, and QVC will sell it online. Elena and Irina are on the bottom, which is a shame because they are both wonderful designers. Sadly, Irina is going home. Nina Garcia will be on next week’s episode, so get ready for her smart, sassy remarks!
Korto, “You are the winner of this challenge!”
Christopher’s Design
Viktor’s Design
Seth Aaron’s Design
Elena’s Design
Irina, “You are out!”
Memorable Quotes: “Helicopter!? Whattt??” –Viktor “Pull out all the stops- it’s a red carpet and there are no excuses!” –Isaac “I ran past the neoprene and said ‘goodbye my love!’ and went for the brocade.” –Elena “I don’t do depressed, funeral colors!” –Korto “We were flying over the east coast, now we’re whipping up stuff in ten minutes.” –Korto “If I see one jewel-tone, strapless evening gown in here, there’s going to be trouble!” –Zanna “The train left already, I missed it!” –Seth Aaron “Oh mother pucker! This puckering is making me sweat.” –Viktor “The dress looks like starship/enterprise/cocktail waitress.” –Christopher “I pulled this out of Satan’s butt.” –Korto “Look at the size of her butt!” –Isaac “You won’t lose something if you drink too much by the end of the night!” –Korto Be sure to check out our other favorite site dedicated to all things Project Runway…Blogging Project Runway! – Claire Mykrantz Photos: Lifetime 

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