Project Runway Season Four. Episode Ten: WWE Divas & A Visit to Spandex House. Memorable Quotes

This week’s challenge involved spandex, big hair, more spandex, an abundance of day-glo colors, leopard print, a visit to Spandex House, and a single pair of chaps. No, the designers were not creating outfits for a Poison reunion tour, but instead designing costumes for the ‘WWE – Divas’ to wear in the ring. The winner of this challenge would have their design worn during a wrestling match by their Diva… because it certainly wouldn’t be worn anywhere else.

Once led to a pair of double doors and after hearing moans and groans coming from within the runway room, the designers were introduced to their models/divas with only a modicum of dread. The designers picked who they would like to work for and got to know them and their style, or in this case lack there of. Most described themselves as being the “girl next door”, but in this case they were girls next door who happened to wear spandex and enjoyed kicking ass. Needless to say, the designers hated this challenge, except Chris, who happened to be the winner and is known for his experience in costume designing. Surprisingly, Christian also enjoyed this challenge (and threw around the word “fierce” as if it were the only word in his vocabulary), claiming it was his favorite thus far, and as always he was surprised that he didn’t win in the end and left the runway with a bitter look on his face. I was somewhat surprised myself that Christian didn’t win. While I absolutely loved Chris’s leopard-print hooded sweatshirt with sequined lining and think that it definitely could be worn outside the ring, Christian’s leather and lace interpretation certainly looked great and had to have been the most creative and distinct look on the runway.

With little drama and an even lesser surprises in this episode, I think we can all breathe a sigh of relief that last week’s challenge held no immunity for the winner and we can all wave a tearless goodbye to sob-story Ricky. Ricky’s design this week would have looked great on the beach, but on the runway and in the ring wouldn’t and didn’t hold up. And while I think Sweet P’s lingerie was maybe the most heinous, I couldn’t take one more week of tearful Ricky crying over every little thing. But, when it came down to saying goodbye, Ricky was finally man enough to keep in the tears.


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Now, a moment for me to rant: Why is there a model competition when 1. Everyone sticks with the same model and 2. The models are only used in half the episodes? Even in this episode Jillian admitted that the model sent home had talent, but Ricky sent her home to stick with his model, who will without a doubt be sent home next week.

Chris – The winner




Sweet P


Memorable Quotes:

“Grandpa has trouble with these ropes.”
—Tim Gunn on getting into the ring with the Divas

“You’ll have 30 minutes at Spandex House.”
—Tim Gunn informing designers how long they can shop for materials

“It sounded very sexual, like sex moans.”
—Christian waiting outside the runway room to find out the challenge

“I hear war cries coming from the runway.”
—Jillian waiting outside the runway room to find out the challenge

“Classy sexpot not whore sexpot.”
—Diva on what her costume should look like

“Partially stripping training wear.”
—Diva on what her costume should look like

“If I make the wrong thing for her to wear she may body slam me.”
—Sweet P on her design for her model

“Ahahaha F@#!ing Day-Glo.”
—Christian on Sweet P’s design

“I want it to look like an animal in a cage.”
—Chris on his design idea

“I’m beast you guys, you don’t know!”
—Christian after winning arm-wrestling against Sweet P

“It’s a little Wonder Woman.”
—Tim Gunn on Ricky’s design

“It’s like Eva Gabor in Green Acres.”
—Tim Gunn on Sweet P’s design

“I didn’t want to give him the snap. But at the end of the day you help someone and they make stuff that still looks like crap.”
—Christian on giving Ricky a snap to use for his design

“I feel like a pope at a sex club.”
—Michael Kors on designers outfits

“Remember someone is going to be out, so don’t make it you.”
—Tim Gunn to all designers – (Maybe Ricky should have paid attention to this one)

—Bonnie J Brown

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